Cooking Italy: Crespelle Layered with Tomato and Prosciutto~

20 09 2009

Well…almost.  I didn’t have prosciutto in the fridge when the time finally came, and neither did the store I was in…so we went with (shhhhh) ham.  If it gets better by using prosciutto, oh my! That’s pretty hard to imagine!  We’re cooking from Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, and this is a two-for-one recipe.  Crespelles, which are very crepe-like and the sauce just a page later. Both recipes are extremely easy and go together in no time.

I’m playing catch-up and have heard nothing but good about these recipes, so I made the full batch of crespelles, even though a half recipe is called for. I just had a feeling I was going to want a full batch in the long run, and they freeze really well.  I got 15 out of an anticipated 16-18.  My ladle might be a bit generous…or my hand!  I’ll edit and post images of the crepes as soon as I figure out how to get them from the camera’s memory to my computer…they aren’t on the card. I hope I don’t have to sacrifice them.

The sauce was really easy to put together.  I can’t get imported Italian plum tomatoes, but I can get fresh Roma tomatoes, so I used about 1 cup of those, and cooked them down a little longer with just a touch more salt (to replace what would have been used in canning).   The sauce was amazing!  What flavor out of so few ingredients!


I’ve been invited to fix this recipe again as soon as possible.  It’s light, delightfully flavorful and a real show stopper.  Once the crespelle are made, the rest is a piece of cake. It takes mere minutes to assemble the tower, I folded mine, and sauced between each layer.  We wished I’d made 4 servings…we’d have eaten more! That’s ok.  It’s on the menu for Tuesday night after chorus…so if you don’t have anything going on about 9:30…9:45 Tuesday night, come on over.  We’re having layered crespelle!

Tasting notes:  The sauce is on the sweet side, but with a fresh taste that is so incredible!  It’s hard to imagine we’re only talking about garlic, parsley and tomatoes cooked in olive oil.  I’d use this in a heart beat instead of reaching for a jar – when I have everything!  I’m anxious to play with this and work with it a little.  It’s an incredibly great fresh base sauce.  What a great choice of books to learn from!



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20 10 2009

What a beautiful shot of our crespelles…love the colors. We have made this several times since the first one as the boys were just wild about it. It was much easier than I thought and I think I can do it by rote now, I have done it so often. A big hit here. Yours looks wonderful.

26 09 2009

Oh, I forgot to say, how delicious those crepes look and yes I want them again too.

26 09 2009

Glennis, if you reach for a jar of tomato sauce after this, I’m showing up at your door and going to say what I say to the twins at least once a day, eh eh eh eh eh with my finger pointed. (they’ve come to do this to each other now).

25 09 2009

Those look utterly delicious! I’ve never seen a recipe like this before and it looks like something you would want to keep making over and over again. YUM!!

21 09 2009

Your crespelles look gorgeous! I had wanted to make mine on sunday but came home way too late to feel like cooking at that point, so I am hoping I get to do them later this week. Everyone is so enthusiastic about them that I just have to make them too!

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