WW: Carre d’Agneau~

18 10 2009


Carre d’ Agneau…Rack of Lamb…Seriously a favorite in our house.  I’m rewinding between other recipes to mid September when we did this recipe and I couldn’t bear to fix this in 100º+ heat!   This is a wonderful recipe.  Just a quick sear, then off a hot oven for a fast roast.  While the juices are settling in the roast, the pan juices are becoming a lovely pan sauce…  Ok, I know. You don’t see that on the plate.  I can explain…really, I can.


If you’ve read more than 2 of my blog posts, you’re aware that I live in a culinary challenged area.  I found a rack of lamb. I was ecstatic!  It didn’t occur to me until sometime later that part of this lesson was the actual “frenching” of the rack.  Oh well…but…with that bit of butchery lie all the bits and gobs that make for the tasty pan sauce.  So….we didn’t have a tasty pan sauce, and therefore, we had Au gratin dauphinois as a side dish, along with minted peas and carrots.WW-pomme-dauphinoisTasting Notes:
The lamb was lovely…but cooked a little more done than we like.  I shot the half that came out prettier.  The other half was a little more done.  I think I might go 10 minutes and turn next time.  We opted for mint jelly this time around.  Oh quit…I worked on a pan sauce first, but there was an acrid taste in it that I just couldn’t get rid of.  The mint jelly played nicely off the fresh mint in the veggies.  The lamb is a definite do again, and the potatoes obviously are…I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve made these.  There sure wasn’t anything left…