CI: Pan Roasted Lamb with Juniper Berries~

19 10 2009

CI-lamb-w-juniperberries-platedThis recipe from Marcella Hazan was supposed to have been cooked last week, but in the process of catching up, I missed it by a week.   I had everything to fix the dish except sufficient time, and available meals!  This dish is pan roasted/braised low and slow on the stove top like many we’ve done recently, and is a fine example of the changes the meat can go through.

CI-lamb-w-juniperberriesIt starts out rather plain, just a bit of olive oil and our lamb shoulder.  The recipe recommends cutting the pieces 3-4 inches.  These “steaks” weren’t much bigger than that, so I left them alone.

CI-lamb-w-juniperberries2Next you add a bit of this, a dab of that…a tablespoon of chopped carrot, 2 tablespoons of chopped celery, 2 tablespoons chopped onion, a sprig of rosemary, a couple peeled cloves of garlic, a couple bay leaves, some salt and pepper, and a cup of dry white wine.  Simmer, over medium low heat, turning every half hour while it turns gray and nasty and then gets pretty, just like magic!

Tasting notes:
We like lamb, so this wasn’t a favorite with us.  We both felt the lamb had been cooked to the point that all the flavor from the lamb was driven into the sauce.  Which…would be ideal for a non-lamb lover.  Just keep the au jus away from them!  I’m going to cook the cut of lamb again to see if it’s a way to make an otherwise difficult to use cut, edible, or if it’s just another way to cook lamb.  It comes out lovely, but the flavor has left the meat.  I’d consider making it again, and cooking it for less time…




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28 10 2009
Maria Paray

This looks wonderful – next time I will have the butcher leave in “steak” portions instead of cutting smaller. Thanks for showing the “before” photo.

My husband likes lamb, but I don’t – however we both liked this dish. Maybe he was so grateful to have ANY kind of lamb, he wasn’t going to get picky with me! LOL

26 10 2009

We liked this one, but maybe it was the cut and type of lamb we used. Your pictures of the process are fabulous.

21 10 2009

This sounds delicious! I am sorry the flavor of the lamb did not come out as you wanted though.

20 10 2009

It does look beautiful Glennis! It would be ideal for us here if the flavor left the lamb since Tom doesn’t like lamb, but I figured I might as well not make it. This does look very tasty. I love that first photo. It looks so appetizing!

20 10 2009

This looks very tasty and delicious! Your photos are great, I love seeing how it looked at the different stages and what the meat looked like before it was cooked. Trying to work this one into the budget, maybe sometime soon. Your post was an inspiration and I learned a lot!

19 10 2009

Now Glennis, we had the opposite — it was very lambie, almost too much.. but we used grass fed local if that makes a difference. Also, We refrigerated it after cooking and then reheated several hours later. That could have made a difference.

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