Whisk Wednesday: Sole Belle Meuniére~

19 11 2009


For my Whisk Wednesday dish this week, I selected Sole Belle Meuniére, from Le Cordon Bleu at Home.  Sole Belle Meuniére is simply a fillet of fish such as sole, in this case Swai, done is a browned butter sauce with sauteéd mushrooms.  The Meuniére denotes a browned butter…a butter allowed to just turn to a nutty brown, but not so brown as to burn.  Start with the mushrooms, as they take longest, sauté and keep warm, set aside.  The fish is cooked next, quickly and cleanly in simple butter and olive oil.  Remove to warm plate, add mushrooms while your butter sauce is gently browning.  Finally the butter is browned and the dish comes together quickly in the end.  In this plating the fish is accompanied by braised Brussels sprouts.  The serving notes suggested using a full lemon slice to replicate the head of a fish, and half slices for fins and tail.   I should have placed my fish a little higher on the plate rather than centered, and I think it’s time to buy some more colorful plates.  *Ü*

Notes about Swai…  Traditionally Swai are fish farmed in the Mekong River of Southeast Asia.  They have the potential to be sustainable aquaculture fish there, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium has this to say, “Swai is a river catfish farmed extensively in Asia. Catfish farmed in the U.S. is considered a “Best Choice,” because it’s farmed in a more ecologically responsible manner.” I find Swai to be be similar to sole or tilapia in texture and flavor.  It’s more the size and shape of sole than tilapia.  This particular swai was farmed in Australia.  I found it packaged in individual cryovac packages for $2.99 per pound.  Here’s a quick thawing tip… Lay your item, wrapped in plastic, in your clean sink.  The metal surface will draw the cold out of the frozen meat.  Turn frequently.  I’ve found I can thaw fish fillets and chicken breasts straight out of the deep freeze in about 30 minutes this way.

Tasting Notes~
This was a tasty dish at mid-week.  It’s always fun to have something unusual.  The dish is really light.  The fillets are light, the side was light.  This would take a heavy, side dish easily.  Something au gratin.  Maybe not something with heavy flavors, although the Brussels sprouts heightened the delicacy of the fish.  The basic recipe is easy, and opens up to a lot of possibilities.



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19 11 2009

I’ve just started eating fish. This sounds and looks delicious.

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