Cooking Italy: Spinach Soup~

6 12 2009

I’m a little behind with my posting.  November was a busy month, and I didn’t get all my Cooking Italy cooking done on time, or in order.  That’s so me, though.   It worked out pretty well though.  After we’d celebrated Thanksgiving, we needed a little break from all the prep and work, and a night of soup and hot rolls sounded just perfect, so we had the remainder of our Thanksgiving Angel Bread with Marcella Hazan’s Spinach soup.  Not a half bad combination!  Especially when you take the Angel Bread and stuff it with nibbles of turkey…*grin*

We started by sweating down a large bunch of well cleaned spinach leaves.  I had a dilemma here…we were supposed to sweat the spinach down, remove it from the pan, remove as much moisture as we could, chop it and then saute it.  Why are we throwing out the extra liquid?  Does it taste bad?  Doesn’t it contain a lot of nutrients though?  I’m working on the answers to these questions.  The liquid wasn’t terribly tasty and it was exceedingly salty….so it did go down the drain.  That could be it in a nutshell.  The salt draws out the liquid, and there would be too much liquid if we didn’t?  Ok. You get the idea.  Follow the recipe, not the meandering mind of this cook.

Next, saute with some onion and butter…make sure everything is well coated in butter…mmmm….  Add just a grating of fresh nutmeg, and then the milk.  Let it simmer, and here we are….

Tasting Notes~
We liked the soup a great deal.  It had a great flavor and was perfect for a chilly Fall night.  I didn’t have a full pound of spinach though, and it needed the full amount.  I’d also have been happier if it had had a little substance…a little more body to it.  Next time, I think I’ll cook a little light roux and move it to a creamier consistency…not necessarily a full cream of spinach soup, but just a thicker base.

If you’d like to follow Spinach Tiger’s Cooking Italy, click on the link in the side-bar.  The schedule is easy, and the recipes are wonderful!



5 responses

15 12 2009
Natasha - 5 Star Foodie

I like the idea of spinach soup – I have a bunch of spinach I need to use today and looking forward to making this!

9 12 2009

This looks like a great comfort soup, perfect for a cold winter’s night. Looks delicious!!!

8 12 2009
Simone (junglefrog)

I have yet to make the spinach soup so I am sure I am way more behind then you are Glennis! Catching up though, catching up! I love the look of the spinach soup and will probably go with Angela’s suggestion to use a stickblender to get more body and creamy consistency to the soup. Gonna love to try this!

7 12 2009

Your soup sounds delicious! thanks for sharing 🙂

7 12 2009

Glennis, I use my stick blender to bring more body to the soup. Made all the difference. Yes and lots of spinach. Tonight I’m cozy on couch, wish I had a cook to cook for me, periodically, like 3 times a week. LOL.

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