Do You Know Hungry Children?

19 12 2009

I love the food world…learning about new ingredients and ways to combine them…but once in awhile it occurs to me that there are some elements of “foodie-ism” are over the top and pure avarice.   I’m not saying there’s a problem with that, I’m just saying we need to remember to balance that with remembering those less fortunate, who simply can’t improve their situation much on their own.  Especially the children.

I was reading a foodie bulletin board and discovered a link to Share Our Strength which is an organization committed to addressing hungry American children.  There’s a thought! Is our government afraid to admit we have homeless and hungry children within our own country?

I read another food blogger’s story.  I could relate.  As a young wife and mother, I can remember looking into totally empty cupboards trying to figure out how to feed 2 adults and a baby.  I was 17, it was difficult to try to complete my high school requirements and be a wife and mother…but why did bread-winner seem to need to fall to me as well?  There were other lean times, none ever quite that bad again. It builds character and resiliency, also the ability to plan and hoard for emergency situations.  I always have 25# of beans and rice in storage.  I need to put flour in storage as well, but just haven’t gotten to that one yet.

So…do you know a hungry child?  Are you sure? Sometimes pretty houses and manicured lawns lie, and there are secrets inside that only the families know for sure.   Do you have children in your life?  Can you spare a dime?  Well, by today’s standard a dime…$10?  Go look…see what your money can do.  It will combine with mine.  Mine’s already there…  It’ll make you feel good.  *Ü*



One response

27 12 2009
Maria Paray

Thank you for this simple reminder to help. I know our local food banks have been too often empty lately.

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