52 Weeks of Cookies~Vera’s Peanut Butter Cookies

12 01 2010

This week we’re checking out a most unusual peanut butter cookie recipe.  I forget where Vera R. told me the recipe originated, but she spoke extremely highly of the results, and said it was such a simple recipe even she couldn’t mess it up.  I usually chide someone about that time, but Vera has made it plain that one passion we don’t share is Culinary Arts!  Ok.  That being said, these ARE the easiest cookies EVER.  I can’t imagine it being any easier.

The recipe is 1 cup peanut butter mixed with 1 cup sugar, blended with 1 egg. Roll into balls.  Bake on a lined baking sheet at 325° for 12-15 minutes.   I don’t know how many cookies you’re supposed to get, I used a size 40 scoop and got 25 cookies, and I ate absolutely NO cookie dough.  I’m immune to cookie dough.   And yes, there’s a story there, but not for today.  Today is about peanut butter cookies…rich, peanutty, peanut butter cookies.  I realized when I got home with the peanut butter that it was crunchy…oh well.  It worked anyway.

I don’t know that I’m ready to toss my old favorite criss-crossed, sugar crusted slightly crunchy peanut butter cookies for these.  These are definitely softer, and more full-flavored.  I’ll try flattening and criss-crossing them at some point,  just to see how they come out.  I’m thinking they might need slightly less cooking time because they won’t be as thick.   These also might be really great candidates as bases for jam thumbprints.

Tasting Notes:
We really enjoyed these, but they’re super rich.  Therefore they lasted longer! LOL!  You don’t tend to want more than one or two at a time.  They aren’t super sweet…even though it’s just peanut butter and sugar.  The peanut butter takes on all that sugar just fine.  Think about how much jelly or honey we quaff down with peanut butter!  One interesting thing…these go fairly well with fruit drinks.  Again, the richness and the peanut butter help out a lot there.  I wonder…would this cookie survive the Summer Kool-Ade test??