Cooking Italy~ Sausages in Cream

14 02 2010

Although this dish is somewhat pale in color, let me assure you, Sausages in Cream is big on flavor!

Our Cooking Italy assigned dish for the second week of February is Sausages in Cream.  Marcella Hazan’s recipe calls for a mild sausage, one without bold flavors.  No fennel, no chiles, no sage.  Marcella’s son, Guiliano, recommends ground pork mixed with a small amount of finely chopped garlic, salt, pepper and white wine.  After hearing Angela’s (our intrepid leader and coach) perspective on the concept of sausage, purism, and innovation, I reached for the sausage I’m made a few months before.  Heigh-Ho!!!!

Some months back, I got a great deal on pork, and I made some sausage with seasonings I’d purchased from Penzeys.  With new found courage in my heart, I went hunting for the Bratwurst, because I knew that would have milder seasonings than Italian Sausage…however…if I found the Italian sausage first, c’est la vie!   Not to worry, I found the bratwurst, frozen wrapped tightly in plastic wrap, stored in a plastic freezer bag.  It was in perfect condition.  A quick thaw in cold water, and we were on our way!

The pastas recommended for this dish were fusilli or any pasta with nooks and crannies to grab onto the sauce and little bits of sausage.  I selected radiatore…I love the little radiators!  They have ripple upon ripple to catch the sauce and the meat, and worked out wonderfully.  I knew they would take longer to cook than the sauce would, so I put the water on, and when it came to a boil, I added the pasta and started the sauce.

The only difficulty I had was that it would have been far easier to use freshly ground meat. It was difficult to break up the pieces of sausage so that they made wee tiny pieces.  I used 2 wooden spoons and a little pasta water while the sausage was cooking to break it up more.  Just a lesson…try not to overwork the ground pork.  Everything else was remarkably simple.

Tasting Notes:
I don’t quite know what I was anticipating, but nothing quite this good, I can assure you!  This is one of those really nice little comfort pasta dishes that sneaks up on you.  You kind of expect not to like it so much, but the next thing you know, your bowl is empty…  The Penzey’s Bratwust seasoning according to their recipe made a great sausage for this dish!!  Oh my gosh!!  Although it sure isn’t low fat, put a substantial green, antioxidant veggie along side…or even toss with…, and you’re in great shape.  I think this would even work really well with whole grain pastas because of the sausage.  You wouldn’t necessarily recognize additional chewiness.  We really enjoyed this, and wouldn’t hesitate to have it again.  Sausages in Cream is another candidate for a quick and easy after work dish!



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15 02 2010

Okay, I will not lie to you…this one was not my favorite, but the guys loved it, so I’m counting it a success. Am trying to decide if I am going to post it on Wednesday or not. Probably will as I am woefully under-posted for this group. I think I just thought it was sort of a glorified Hamburger Helper type of thing and I just don’t care for that type of thing…it’s just me, I am a pain in the rear when it comes to food, ask anyone. Heck, ask yourself, you know me well enough by now in that area! Am sure yours was perfect and my guys would have loved the way you prepared it!

14 02 2010

Oh Glennis I was very much thinking of using bratwurst for this dish. I bought it and then Doug ate it all.

I have a surprise for you, if you go to my Valentine’s post.

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