Cooking Italy~Chicken Roasted with Lemons

13 03 2010

Gosh, I can hardly believe it’s been a month since I posted last… I’ve cooked since then, really I have! LOL!  I just haven’t cooked along with any group since then.  It’s kind of a rugged time at work for me.  Cooking is my refuge, so even there I’m not putting too many restrictions on myself right now!

I’m sorry…there are no pictures to go with this…I was totally exhausted the night I chose to make this dish.  It was perfect for that evening, as it takes so little attention or preparation.  A little salt, a little pepper, rub, rub, rub it in to the cavity and the skin…roll a couple small lemons to make their juices free inside the skin, then pierce the lemon in several places to release the juices when the time is right…while the lemons are inside the chicken and it’s roasting happily; tuck the lemons in the cavity of the chicken, close the cavity with a couple of toothpicks and truss the bird to keep its shape.  What could be easier?  It was so easy, I slept through the entire cooking process, waking only long enough to turn the bird, and adjust the temp when required.  Thank goodness for LOUD timers!  It came out looking absolutely gorgeous…sayeth hubby… He took it from the oven and carved it for us.

Tasting Notes:
I have to admit, I didn’t find anything exciting about the taste of the chicken.  It was on the bland side.  I think I feel that way because I’m a die-hard brining fan.  I like to brine even my roasting hens for an hour or so before they go into the oven.  A quick outer salting did nothing for the skin except drive all the moisture out of it making it as tough as shoe leather…and that’s unfortunately where there was flavor…in the leather.

Sadly, as we are perceived as “consumers” and our sustenance perceived as “product” we are being exposed to more and more industrialized creatures once known as ANIMALS.   The chicken you purchase at your average market with the familiar nationwide label on the package, was raised for 8-12 weeks from chick to slaughter.  That’s an incredible amount of time to reach that size, don’t you think?  If you aren’t aware, chickens don’t reach that size naturally.   It will take a naturally raised bird 7 to 9 months to reach that size.  And have you noticed that it’s almost impossible to find a 3-4 pound chicken any more??   Have you noticed how they all weigh in about 5  to 5-1/2 pounds?  That’s so they all fit through the machinery evenly when they’re processed…

Sorry.  This stuff really gets to me.  I just want to see nice, safe food out there at the market, and sadly…that’s not so much the case.  I don’t want the animals tortured, nor filled with hormones and antibiotics so that we’re affected such things secondarily without our knowledge.   You, gentle reader, have the option of not reading the Soapbox section…and I will continue to mark it as such…because I’m NOT going to stop!  LOL!