Have YOUR breasts been enhanced?

29 03 2010

Soapbox Alert!!

There I was…quietly minding my own business, putting the groceries away after a shopping trip.  I was setting up a package of boneless chicken breast halves for the freezer.  Once again…no whole body fryers.  All kinds of packages of pieces, but only one lone Organic whole body chicken haunting me.   Believe me when I say I know I have no one to thank for this but myself.  However it bothers me so much I want to share with all of you.

Without my knowledge, or my permission, MY BREASTS HAVE BEEN ENHANCED!! Not my personal, God given body breasts, but…my chicken breasts!!  Good grief!!  It’s not enough that they bio-engineer the poor creatures so they can’t even stand up as babies, but then they apparently have no flavor at the ripe ol’ age of what…8-12 weeks?  So…let’s enhance them with 15% “solution.”  The solution contains “Chicken broth”…whose?  Surely not mine.  Who made the broth?  I’m sorry.  The solution contains Chicken broth, salt, sodium (another word for salt) phosphate, flavoring (most of them contain…salt).  There’s got to be a LOT of salt in that 15% solution…because those chicken breasts come out enhanced with 380mg of sodium for every 4 oz. serving.  That’s rather a lot..considering chicken is usually accepted as a “bland” easily digested meat.  It was when Grandma was a girl…not necessarily now!

No…I’m not complaining about buying the product.  I find I buy less and less, and try to support local organic farmers more.  It was an odd day.  I was in the feed store and bless them, they had chicks and couldn’t tell me much beside, red and white.  That much I could see for myself.  I had found myself wondering if the fluffy yellow chicks were the Cornish Cross they’re using for meat these days, those youngsters weren’t standing up at all.  That left a bad taste in my mouth from then on.  I think I’ll buy from the area folks who are hatching chicks, and check with the ranch for chicken and lamb.  *Ü*



One response

6 04 2010

OMW, at first I laughed because you just wrote it that way, so funny, and designed to get attention…well, you got mine, yikes. Scary to think about all this. Not good to hide one’s and pretend like one doesn’t see or know…need to think and read about all this some more. Thanks for the soapbox.

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