Spring Firsts~

11 04 2010

It’s officially Spring everywhere, regardless of what the weather is doing, and I’m trying to remember to stop and smell the roses, and capture some of the firsts of the season…  This is our first rose of the year.  It’s a hybrid tea, what name, I don’t recall, but the blossom is literally the size of a tea cup.  We were due to have a big storm hit about 24 hours after this baby opened, and I wasn’t about to sacrifice the first rose to the rain.  Sadly…the showers destroyed all but one of my camellias this year.

Picked on April 7th…this was our first garden picked salad of the year.  All the lettuce and herbs came from our own garden.  There are lettuce plants tucked in here, there, and just about anywhere I can find a spot out there.  I think I somehow put all the mini crisp-head varieties outside already, and I’ve got all the leafy plants here in the house.   That’s ok…I’ll pick them in here if I need to!  If Mother Nature would just cooperate a little more than she’s been…mercy! LOL!  I get two days home…one day it’s too windy to try to do anything outside with the plants, the next day it’s raining!  I know…If I were enough of a trooper, I’d get out there anyway…and it may come to that!

I admit, I didn’t even realize it was strawberry season until I got to the Farmers’ Market on Thursday, the 8th.  It was their 2nd week open…we missed the first week, mostly due to weather.  There were quite a few fun things…lots of garlic and spring onions…sweet peas, pea shoots, and strawberries.  Not only did they smell wonderful, they tasted just as good. We got 2 baskets and just noshed them.  Yum.  Other things we saw and picked up included Swiss chard, eggs-all sizes and colors!-but we didn’t buy those!  There were tamales, breads, lots of different foods and jewelry vendors… Almonds, candles, bee products, olive oil…I’ve yet to find a local olive oil I like.  Sorry guys.  I’m still tasting though!  And flowers…Oh my the flowers…



2 responses

15 04 2010

So exciting to see all the lovely products, all the lovely colors, just the lovely thought of blooms and greens…oh how I missed all that this winter. A very nice post…thanks for sharing! Can I have one of those strawberries please?

12 04 2010

Such lovely flowers! Your spring is obviously more advanced than ours – my roses haven’t even got buds on yet! The strawberries are flowering though.

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