HB in 5 – Round 2~

13 04 2010

This is my 2nd batch of the basic recipe of Healthy Bread in 5 minutes.   I didn’t measure carefully this time.  I didn’t fluff the flour trying to get a nice airy cup with a perfectly level top.  I scooped with my half cup measure very rustically.  That’s a half cup…well almost; next one needs to be more full.  One cup.  One and a half cups…better short the next half cup a little.   2 cups…generous cups!  You get the idea.   I didn’t quite add all the water either.  I added 2 cups, then 1 cup and a bit more.  I think I had about 3-1/2 cups of liquid in when the sides of the bowl were cleaning nicely.  This loaf formed easily and held it’s shape nicely during rising.  It’s about 8 inches long and 4-5 inches tall, 5-6 inches from side to side at the widest.  Its got a wonderfully crunchy crust…ok…the grains help, I know that, but still.  Baking on a stone with hot water added to a pan a couple of times doesn’t hurt either!  *Ü*

There is a flaw in the bread however.  *sigh*  I confess…the crumb is inappropriate.  It isn’t the holey, tunnel riddled loaf it should be.  Instead it has a more delicate crumb with the slightly moist character anticipated.   It slices beautifully though, and makes excellent toast.  I was able to slice it as thin as 3/8 inch while still warm with a crunchy crust.  Cutting through THAT was a challenge!

I think I know why the bread doesn’t have the right texture…I let it rise in the bowl it mixed in, then turned it into another bowl to go into the fridge, and had to move it one more time.  That much handling may have broken up the action…and without additional fed yeast to grow…that could be a problem.  I’m sure we’re trying another version of this.  I picked up some 5 grain cereal to work with for a recipe.  I couldn’t get the 10 gr. cereal…you know what I tell you about shopping here!  LOL!  It doesn’t always go according to plan…sometimes you have to change the plan a little!

I’m not unhappy with the bread.  It tastes good.  It’s got a bit of the fermented thing going on in the flavor.  It’s got the nuttiness of the whole grains, and I love that.  It’s certainly costing me less than $4.50 to make a loaf…it’s costing maybe $4.50 for the whole batch of 4-5 loaves.  Even if I never get the hang of doing it “right,” I can at least throw a loaf of decent bread together that I’m comfortable serving to friends or family and that holds in the fridge for up to 10 days.  That works for me!



One response

15 04 2010

That bread looks so wonderful, so pretty and I cannot imagine that anything that good looking did not taste that good looking!! Just beautiful from where I sit.

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