Cooking Italy: Salsa Verde~

26 06 2010

Salsa Verde...Piquant Green Sauce

I’m still catching up from April and May with Cooking Italy.  This recipe was from early May, and now it’s almost July, but…with this recipe I’ll finally break even having executed 2 recipes from each month!!

Salsa Verde…Italian Salsa Verde is vastly different from Mexican Salsa Verde!  The Italian version isn’t at all hot, and contains parsley, capers, garlic, optional anchovies (I included them, but used only a portion of what was requested in the recipe-I didn’t want the sauce to be too salty; I decided if the sauce needed more salt, I’d add the last portion of anchovy fillets.), lemon juice or red wine vinegar, depending if you plan to use the sauce on fish or on red meat, and olive oil.  Couldn’t be much easier than that!  The ingredients are whirred through a food processor, but seeing there were directions for using a mortar and pestle, I did so.  I like textures.  It was also very easy to amalgamate (what a fun word!!) the olive oil into the salsa.

I had planned to serve the Salsa Verde with pan broiled cod fillets, but that didn’t work out.  Since we were literally at the point of putting the fish into the pan when I discovered Murphy’s Law was in effect (cryovac’d fish was totally freezer burned-dry as the Mohave!), I used a great fall back…breaded tilapia fillets from Trader Joe’s.  We had a chopped salad topped with Salem Bleu Cheese crumbles and spicy candied pecans, and a cup of Cream of Mushroom soup that remained from last night.  It was just as good the 2nd time around!  It wasn’t a mistake! LOL!

Tasting Notes~
We liked the Salsa Verde a lot!  The breading made it difficult to really get a good taste of the sauce with the fish though.  There was 1 good tablespoon left though…  I think it will make and excellent mayo for ??  Maybe Artichokes…  Let me think about that…  That could be really, really good…or not so much.  Marcella has another recipe for Salsa Verde that was anchovy free…made with cornichons…that might work better.  I’ll bet we try this before the week is over though! *giggle*  Cuz eating is an adventure!!



One response

27 06 2010

Love the photos of it, and I bet it was tasty with the fish. At my rate, I am never going to break even. Gotta get going…your posts are inspiring!

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