Señor Frog came to dinner ~

1 08 2010

First, let me assure you…no animals were actually harmed here.   Señor frog was successfully rescued as you’ll see below…

This cracked us up…  We had chicken marinating in one container, I’d just made up a heavy quart of barbecue sauce so there would be some left for the chicken, and we were just marking time until it was really time for dinner.  Bruce went into the kitchen, and came out saying we had an unexpected guest for dinner… “Guess who ‘hopped’ in for dinner?”

We’ve battled grasshoppers tremendously this year.  They’ve hit our garden really hard, ravaged our blackberry vines, and have generally been downright destructive.  They also show up darn near everywhere!  They like to hitchhike.  I’ve found several in the house…quickly dispatched by the house kitty or myself, and we even had one that stuck to our windshield as we drove through town.  There are literally thousands of these insects.  The only time it’s cute is when the hen is running after them!

We’ve also started noticing cute little frogs coming in.  We live in an older home in a rural area, with a stream running through the property just yards from the house.  Bruce took one outside the other night; I was startled by one – but couldn’t quite catch it – while I was cooking a couple nights later.  They’re cute, all of 3″ fully extended, and we see them so often in this old house – though usually in the bathroom, that we’re used to them.

My first guess was “Señor Frog” … and sure enough, there he was, slippin’ and slidin’ all over the inside of my quart Pyrex measuring cup!  He’d gotten stuck down to his middle in ooey-gooey barbecue sauce and he was so slippery his feet wouldn’t catch!  Poor widdle froggie!  LOL! He couldn’t get enough traction to try to jump, and he couldn’t climb out of the measuring cup.

Ok, it’s me…I’m thinking of what’s in the barbecue sauce…vinegar…tobasco sauce… Poor Señor Froggie!!  I scooped him out and took him to the sink and gently rinsed him until he was clean of all remnants of sauce.  That took some doing.  Have you seriously ever tried to bathe a live frog?  While I believe in marinating my food, and I’d like to try frogs’ legs someday, this wasn’t the right way to go about it.   Once he was all nice and clean again, he posed for a few pictures, and then we went someplace a whole lot safer for froggies…the garden.