Out of the Garden, Into the Jar…

22 08 2010

One of the things I love about Summer is the abundance of fresh tomatoes.  These, are San Marzano tomatoes, grown in my own garden.  I know they look kind of tiny…that’s ok.  They don’t have a lot of juice inside.  The seed cells inside are smaller with less gel that other varieties of tomatoes.  I’m not sure what’s keeping them on the diminutive side, but…that’s what Mother Nature dealt me, so that’s what I’m canning!  So far, each week I’ve had enough tomatoes to can 4 or 5 pints.  4 to 6 pints each week isn’t much work, it’s a quick canner load, it’s not much mess, but it builds up!!  I’ll be grabbing these babies all through the winter for anything that requires tomatoes.

How very interesting…  I just wrote a huge long post about canning tomatoes…which I’ve been doing for about 35 years…  Only to discover that there’s been a change in the recommended method for canning tomatoes.  Really.  Hmmmm…  I’ll have to research that some.  So…  Raw pack, water bath canning for tomatoes is considered unsafe, y’hear me!!  Don’t do what I did, because I don’t want your potential death on my conscience!   Even Mother Earth News recommends pressure canning…  University of Minnesota suggests a 90 minute water bath…  So many differing opinions!  I’ll go my own way and not make any recommendations to the rest of you.  *Ü*    I’ll just enjoy these rosy-red jars sitting on my pantry shelves smiling at me in the coldest nights of February!



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22 08 2010

Oh, they look so stunningly beautiful!!

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