What’s new in our garden…

11 09 2010

In spite of the plague of grasshoppers this year, we still have abundant tomatoes, basil and acorn squash…and I do mean ABUNDANT acorn squash.  If anyone has recipes for preserving acorn squash, please, please leave me a message!!  I’m seriously blessed with a huge load of acorn squash!!  We also have a few chilies and herbs, but nothing that compares to our tomatoes and acorn squash.

We pick enough tomatoes that I can just about every weekend.  That’s pretty much how I’d hoped to work things out.  I didn’t want to have all the tomatoes arrive at one time and be done.  I wanted to work a little over a longer period, so it wasn’t as overwhelming a task.  It really has worked out well.  I’ve been able to avoid canning some weekends altogether by cooking with fresh tomatoes during the week and using them all.  What a horrible task!  NOT!  *grin*  So far, there are 19 pints of tomatoes in the pantry from just this season.  I think that’s more than I’ve ever put up in one year before!  I’m jazzed!  Since we also have some jalapenos, I may go ahead and do a batch of salsa too.  We’re close to being out of home-canned salsa, so it’s good timing!

I’m back to work full time, but still managing to cook dinner most nights.  There are some nights that timing of meetings and such (like energy) just won’t permit…I’ll yield and have dinner in town somewhere, but for the most part, we do dinner together at home every night.  I’ve been leaning heavily into Giuliano Hazan’s Thirty Minute Pasta for help on work nights.  I’m beginning to love it enough to think about cooking the whole book.  I’ve prepared enough of his recipes with no rejects that I think it’s worth a go.  More on this idea as I get it developed…please respond if this idea interests you!!

As for me…at this point, I need to go check the garden for tomatoes.  There’s enough for a couple of pints in the kitchen…that’s also enough for some other things!  This could turn out to be a canning-free weekend!  Willow likes tomatoes sometimes too…they’re bright red and burst with flavor when she chomps them!  Smarty horse!  *giggle*