Introducing Thirty Minute Thursday~

4 10 2010

Thanks to Spinach Tiger, Angela Roberts, who introduced me to authentic Italian food through her group Cooking Italy, and then to Giuliano Hazan in particular and his book, Thirty Minute Pasta, we now view Italian food as something other than spaghetti or lasagna, AND we happily have pasta at least once a week, usually on a Thursday when my energy is waning.  I always seem to reach for the same cookbook every Thursday night, and we’ve never been disappointed yet…  That book is Giuliano Hazan’s, Thirty Minute Pasta, and that is how Thirty Minute Thursday was born.

I’d like to invite you to cook with me, but I don’t want to be strict about this.  I know, being a working woman, that time is precious, and inspiration and ingredients don’t always mesh!  So here’s my proposition…  YOU get to choose a recipe of your choice from Thirty Minute Pasta, send your link to me at (you’ll need to change at to @ and remove the no spam twice).    I’ll post the round up with the pictures that are available.  Drop in cooks are welcome.  Please visit and cook when you can!  I’ve already cooked a dozen or so of Giuliano’s recipes, but did I take pictures???  Heck no!  LOL!  Don’t worry though, they’ve all been good, and true to the 30 minutes!

October 7th is our launch date…come join me if you like!  Please feel free to copy the logo from the sidebar, or email me and I’ll send it to you directly.  I’m excited to be making it official!  I’ve really loved this cookbook and it’s starting to show a few love spatters to prove it!  LOL!  The pacing is fabulous.  Giuliano has it down to a fine science there!  Follow his lead, and you’ll be right on the mark every time.  You’ll find you start gaining confidence after a few recipes…and you can start to change up and add different ingredients to suit yourself and what you have on hand, and it still works!  I’m excited to see what you come up with in your Thirty Minutes on Thursday!