Thirty Minute Thursday meets PTO Bake Sale

23 10 2010

This photo was taken about 11 pm on Thursday night…and you can believe I appreciated that Giuliano Hazan wrote Thirty Minute Pasta about that time!  Clockwise from back left we have Cranberry scones with Orange glaze, Congo Squares, pasta water, pasta sauce, Blueberry scones with Lemon glaze and Coffee cake from the Cafe Beaujolais in Mendocino, CA.  Yes… I was a busy woman.   All but a few of my Congo Squares sold out.  Yay!  If they’d known what was in the Congo Squares, they wouldn’t have been hanging around though!

This week’s Thirty Minute Pasta recipe was Penne with Tomatoes and Prosciutto on page 152.  This cooked a bit, but retained a lovely red color.  It was as absolutely simple as most of the recipes are, but for us…screamed for MORE something.  It felt like a very nice base sauce, but like it would be happy to frame some thing else… Perhaps a vegetable?  Not necessarily shrimp…but maybe calamari rings.  I’m not sure, but I’ll mess with it some more.  We really liked the sauce though.  And thankfully…it only took about 3o minutes!