FFwD: Hachis Parmentier

24 10 2010

I know…I know…Ha…what?  Ok, try this…slow and easy…  HA-shee PAR-men-tee-yay…  Hash with cheesy potato topping, French style.  Nothing too scary about that.  And look at that lovely cheesy potato crust.  Dorie hit it right on the head. That is the best part!

There’s a lot that goes into this…a bit of beef, a bit of veg…  Simmer, simmer…  Actually, taking 2 days to make it let the flavors meld together nicely. Especially since I didn’t have sausage and had to make some on the fly.  I already had ground pork loin, I just needed to season it.  Then the meat and sausage are cooked together and placed in a baking dish and topped with cheesy mashed potatoes and baked to a crispy golden brown.  There are are few other steps, but you really should buy the book so you get all the rest of Dorie’s wonderful recipes too.

Tasting Notes~
This is a solid, soul-warming dish, that has lots of flavor and interesting texture, but reminded me too much of Hamburger Helper for me to really be happy with all the work that went into it.  While it might be a wonderful potluck dish, it won’t be one of mine.  I truly love to cook.  I truly love to play in other cuisines too.  Sometimes, a recipe just isn’t a personal favorite.  This one is that…not a personal favorite.  I appreciate it for what it is, and would give it a chance done slightly differently…perhaps as a way to use up the heel of a roast.  However, to cook from scratch with as much time and effort, I’m going to have something a little more exciting to set on my table than a sort of meat and mashed pie.  Sorry…  If I’m anything, I’m honest.  Bruce said he could eat it again, sometime, but even he could appreciate what I was saying.  Oh well.  You win some, and lose a few along the way!  Remember, I said it’s ok…just that I wasn’t bowled over by it.