Reading Blog posts…

30 10 2010

One of the things I absolutely love about reading foodie blog posts is the vast diversity of peoples, cultures, and customs we represent and the wonderful things that are laid out there for us to discover about each other.  I truly enjoy visiting the kitchens of ladies I’ve never met, and likely will never meet.   Occasionally, I’ll stumble across something that particularly touches my heart…which is what this post is about today.

As I was perusing the recent French Fridays with Dorie posts, I dropped by to visit one of the members’ sites to see how her version of our recipe turned out.   When I popped onto Simple Girl‘s website, I was greeted by the most colorful caterpillars and butterflies!  LOL!   It was Bug Day at her daughter’s 2nd grade class…what a joyful day they must have had!! How incredibly inventive of the teacher…and how supportive of Mom!!

I know I’m a little, bitty blog with a little bitty readership, but I care about all of us.  That’s just me.  I also love making cute little graphic goodies.  So…I’m going to when my heart tells me to!  If you have a particular wish to send, let me know…I’ll see if I can help you out!   You’re welcome to use this one if you like.

The very first one is being awarded to (drum roll please….) Simple Girl!!  You can see by the smiles on the kiddos’ faces that they had a fabulous time, who wouldn’t love one of those yummy looking cupcakes!!  Caterpillars for the boys – oh yeah! BUGS!  Butterflies for the girls…who’d try not to eat their butterflies…but they’d start melting in their fingers, and were ever so tempting…they just couldn’t help it!  LOL!  I can just feel the joy bubbling around their room!  Did you know I’m an elementary school secretary?   Yep.  And it’s a small school…less than 200 students on my end (we also have 4 preschool classes at the other end of the campus).  Anyway…  Congrats!!