FFwD: Marie-Hélène’s Apple Cake~

31 10 2010

As I was watching my fellow group members post about this cake, I kept waiting for someone, anyone, to say there was something, some one little thing they didn’t care about in this cake.  Admittedly, I haven’t read each and every person’s post…yet.  That actually sounds like a nice challenge.  The point being, this recipe was getting incredibly high raves.  Yes, Dorie gets a lot of high raves, but there are high raves and there are ø¤º°¨ HIGH RAVES ¨°º¤ ! This is one of the latter.  There are loads of exquisite apple chunks held together by a custardy batter…kind of like clafoutis.  This is utterly heavenly, and worth the price of the book!

L to R, Back to Front: Back- Honey Crisp, Gala, Fuji; Front- McIntosh, Gravenstein.

The recipe calls for a diversity of apples.  The 5 that I selected were Honey Spice (also known as Honeycrisp)- which was sweet and not at all acidic by comparison; Gala-which is a nice eating apple (I like them for caramel apples); Fuji- a more tart fresh or pie apple; McIntosh- a pie apple, rather tart with a spicy apple flavor; and Gravenstein- a spicy sweet apple with a touch of acid that makes them fabulous for applesauce.  The idea is to have a variety of flavors and textures throughout the cake, while the base is always apple.

While the recipe calls for using a spring-form pan…please don’t deny yourself the pleasure of this cake just because you don’t have a spring-from pan.  Lightly grease the sides  and bottom of an 8 inch cake pan, cut a parchment circle for the inside bottom of the pan, and strips for the sides that are 2 inches high.  Press them into place, and butter the insides where the batter will be well.  When the baking has concluded,  let the cake cool at least 5 minutes, then invert (face-down) onto a plate, and gently peel away the parchment paper, taking care not to tear the pastry.  Place a serving plate over the bottom of the cake and invert, remove the plate from the face of the cake, and gently remove the parchment from the sides of the cake.  Take care not to pull any apples from the inside of the cake.  Then, put on a pot of fresh coffee, and call me.  Well…it does need to cool down a little!  *Ü*

Tasting Notes~
I’m serious…worth the price of the book.  This one is addicting.  This could be an ice-breaker with a new neighbor…an apology…a get-well gift…a hostess gift…This one is simply that easy and that good.  I’m having an incredibly difficult time staying out of it.  That’s kind of scary, because I don’t get that way about a lot of sweet things.  I’ve got a whole plate of maple scones in there that I’m not even having a yen for by comparison!  I’ll be happy to make another when this one is gone…I did buy enough apples!



2 responses

3 11 2010

I have made it twice already b/c I thought that I wasn’t having enough batter to apples either time…but that didn’t seem to deter anyone around here from eating it…all gone, both times. Yours looks pretty! And delicious! Love the top of the cake shot, just gorgeous.

1 11 2010
Ann (napangel)

I couldn’t agree with you more … this one IS addicting. Love your photos, especially that first one!

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