French Fridays with Dorie: Gougéres~

2 10 2010

I’m sorry, I know it’s Saturday.  I wasn’t planning to be sick yesterday.  I caught up as quickly as I could.  Being an elementary school secretary has its drawbacks…sometimes the children share more than their hugs!  Enough of that…on to gougéres!

Gougéres (goo-zhAIR), by any other name are cheesy cream puffs, often served as hors d’oeuvres.  They’re perfectly simple to make, and need just a few ingredients.  Sorry, we aren’t posting recipes, but if you click on the picture of the book in the side-bar, you can get to a link to buy your own book.

The directions for this recipe are perfectly simple and straight forward.  There’s not a lot to getting them made, and Dorie took out half the work for us!  What a peach she is!  I have to tell you, I wasn’t quite up for beating those eggs in by hand!  I’d just spent the morning grooming one rather dirty horse!  LOL!

I think the most important hint for this recipe is to remember to let the flour cook until it forms a ball on it’s own.  Keep beating it, and keep it over that medium low flame, changing off hands if you need to, but keep going until you get the dough to form a ball.  Then…it’s ready for the eggs.  DORIE…I love you for the way you add the eggs! Thank you SO much!!  I’ve done theses without electricity, and beaten these suckers into submission without a mixer so I know just how much “elbow grease” is required.  If you can beat in the eggs and do the whole recipe without a mixer, you don’t need a workout regimen.  You’re doing fine! *giggle*  There’s a concept…stop paying the gym, and cook for your health!  Your body will get a work out if you do it the ol’ fashioned way!!

Here we have the finished product….

Your gougéres will be more airy inside if you make sure they’re well vented.  Most will have a little air hole where the steam can escape from the inside.  If you use a toothpick to make sure there’s a vent for the steam, they’ll have a crisp airy texture.  If the steam can’t escape, they may be more moist, even a bit soggy inside.   Mine cooked a minute or two longer than I’d have liked.  I didn’t realize I had two 12 to 15 minute cooking phases…duh…!   I set the timer for 10 minutes when I realized it, and I should have set it for 8.  Still these were very tasty, and were granted a “do it again” from the Master of the House.  I served them for a quick lunch with chicken salad.  I wish I’d had a cold bottle of champagne too…we could have used a nice nap!  *snicker*   Oh well…

Next week we’re making Gerard’s Mustard Tart…It sure sounds interesting!  See you back here then!