Thirty Minute Thursday: December Frenzy~

9 12 2010

When I started Thirty Minute Thursdays I forgot about a couple of major things…LIFE goes on and I’m really involved with my job in a lot of extra-curricular ways.  Not that I’d want to change that, but I forgot to warn you.  I forgot about it.  You see, I take such things in stride and go on.  It’s kind of like having a baby…  You know there was pain involved, but God blesses us with a wee bit of amnesia to forget just HOW MUCH pain was involved.  It’s a lot of work a few times a year for some of these projects I jump in to, but I really enjoy aspects of them so much that I completely forget, in between, how incredibly busy we get and now tired I get during those “project” times.  There’s just enough Type A in me to manage such things!  LOL! However, that usually means that I have to drop a few other things for that time period…

Sadly, I often end up not being able to do any cooking at all.  I’m usually pretty good with being able to hold up for a 12 hour day, but when they start moving past 12 hours, especially if I have to fast for more than 6 of those hours, cooking isn’t happening.  I “turn into a Diva.”  Ok, ok, but honestly, I truly don’t have much left by that point.  If there’s any hope that I might have anything left, 30 minute pasta is what works!

Last week Thursday was spent at the final rehearsal for the annual Community Band and Chorus Christmas Concert…kind of a Holiday Season kick-off…  Fabulous experience, but it’ll sure wear you down!  I really appreciated our director for not slaving us too much in final rehearsals.  He had the sense not to strain our voices before the concert.  So, there were stage rehearsals Tuesday and Thursday, then concerts on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon.  This week, our school PTO has been hard at work to put together a Family Night for tomorrow night.  Busy, busy, busy! Tonight was my only night home this week, and I had some errands that really needed to be attended to.  So, I didn’t cook tonight either.  I’d like to think I will next week though…regardless, school is out for Christmas break on the 17th, and you can bet I’ll be cooking after that!

For now though, I’d say it’s safe to say Thirty Minute Thursday is on Holiday Leave until after the first of the year.  I’ll pick up again after January 1, 2011.  In the meanwhile, let’s enjoy the season, be kind to our fellow humans, and take a moment to do something nice for someone, or some animal.  Give something to your favorite charity if you can…if you can’t, then may God bless you by filling some of your needs.  Merry Christmas!




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10 12 2010

Maybe I can get the book for Christmas!

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