Thirty Minute Thursday: Bucatini al Amatriciana

29 12 2010

First off, let me start out by welcoming my friend Kayte of Grandma’s Kitchen Table to TMT!!  So far we’ve cooked LCB French, Marcella Hazan Italian, and any number of other happy goodies across the miles with each other.  I’m tickled to have Kayte join in…these recipes are easy enough to teach her college bound son!   This week Kayte made Linguine with a pink shrimp sauce.  It looks as wonderful as I know it was!

My dish for the week is Bucatini all Amatriciana, which is a Roman dish made with spicy red peppers in the sauce.

The list of ingredients is short…onion, butter, red pepper flakes, pancetta, tomato, freshly grated cheese and bucatini.   I made this dish for Cooking Italy once too.  I loved the sauce, but I couldn’t find bucatini at the time, and bucatini is an experience in and of itself!  LOL!

Bucatini is a really different pasta.  It’s really long, about 24 inches, I’d say, and has a hollow center.  It’s not as hollow as rigatoni or penne, it’s got a tiny hole in the center.  However, as the hot pasta begins to cool, it creates a vacuum, and the sauce is pulled into the center of the pasta.  Do be ready for this pasta to take a while longer to cook though.  The deeper the pot of boiling water the better with this pasta as well.

Tasting Notes~
I was afraid the pasta would be kind of chewy, but it wasn’t.  It was pleasantly tender without being soggy or too chewy.  The big surprise was how the sauce got all the way into the center of the pasta.   I was a little heavy handed with the red pepper flakes this time.  It wasn’t bad, it was just a little spicier than I usually make it.  Although the recipe calls for fresh tomatoes, don’t hesitate to use a good canned variety.  I used the tomatoes I canned during the summer.




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29 12 2010

Oh, and I went back into my post and added the little badge for Thirty Minute Thursdays and also a shot of the book cover. Thanks!

29 12 2010

Oh this one looks great…eager to try this one out soon. Actually, I am eager to try out 99% of them (still a little “iffy” on the whole anchovy thing, however). If it were not 1:00 a.m., I might be headed to the kitchen to make this one…yours looks so good!

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