FFwD: Spiced Carrots~

30 12 2010

My recipe selection this week was Dorie’s spiced carrots.   I fixed carrots with something else recently, and kicked myself for not fixing these…they were on the list, and I wanted a slightly sweet, slightly spicy contrast side dish.  Which is what I wanted again today.  A slightly sweet, slightly spicy side, to offset the saltiness of the ham and the creaminess of the au gratin potatoes.

The ingredient list is short, as is the prep…you’ll need carrots, onion, garlic, fresh ginger root, cardamom pods and chicken broth.  Oh, and a bit of butter, salt and white pepper.  This was my first experience using cardamom… I may be hooked.  I’m definitely studying it a little more now…especially since I’ve already invested in the whole jar of cardamom pods!

Tasting Notes~
The carrots get some sweetness from the ginger and the onions, but could benefit from careful cooking to caramelize them just a bit.  If you have the patience.  I was ready to eat as soon as the liquid evaporated and we had a butter sauce! LOL!  This might cook better in a covered skillet…  I’m just thinking that everything cooked just fine, but I didn’t cover the pan, and I cooked for 15 minutes, and still had a lot of liquid to cook off.  My carrots were stacked up in a saucepan.  I was thinking about how to spread them out more for caramelization…just a little color and sweetness…  As they were, they were completely delightful and quite easy to fix.  This could be a really nice “go to” sliced carrot recipe!

Happy New Year!!
As we close out another year, I thank you for dancing along this culinary path with me.  Every year I meet new folks and learn about new groups, and discover new cookbooks to explore.  Thank you dear Kayte…without your influence I wouldn’t have met Dorie, or Nick, or have 5 minute healthy artisan bread.  *giggle*  I love them all.  Thank you sweet Angela…Italian is at least a weekly visit, oftentimes twice a week.  When I say “pasta” my husband no longer cringes, but says, “What did you have in mind?”  You also introduced me to Giuliano Hazan…thank you so much! LOL!  Natashya…from cooking with Tyler on Fridays I met Deb, and have increased my reading.  What a joy that’s been!  Shari…you started it all when you “whisked” me off my feet and took me to LCB at Home.  Thank you dear, courageous Lady.  It’s been about 2 years now…maybe more…and it’s been a wonderful journey that I look forward to continuing, because I love learning!