French Fridays with Dorie: Paris Mushroom Soup~

7 01 2011

It’s fog season in Northern California.  The Sierra’s have their snow-pack and the skiers are happy.  The rain has swollen the rivers, and the farmers are happy.  The temperatures and the dew point are colliding and the fog…creeps…in…on…little…cat…feet…  What could be better on a foggy night than a soul-warming bowl of soup?  Soul-warming soup with fresh rolls.  What great timing to be making “Paris Mushroom Soup” from Dorie Greenspan’s Around My French Table.

Don’t ask me.  I was delusional.  It made dinner soooo late…  What the heck.  That’s one of the advantages of not having small children in the house.  With just the two of us, if either of us is going to faint from lack of food (yeah, right!), said person can grab nuts, yogurt, cereal, or any number of other reasonably healthy snacks.  It was also Friday night…and who wants to push Friday night out the door?  I’ve waited all day for this time!  LOL!

This soup goes together remarkably easily.  Someone had mentioned that it would go together even more quickly if someone bought pre-sliced mushrooms.  That someone would be me.  I work a 40+ hour week, so short cuts work for me!  I bought sliced for the soup, but fresh buttons for the salad.

The rolls?  The recipe for the rolls came from Nick Malgieri’s Modern Baker.  I found a recipe for Elegant Dinner Rolls…and that worked for me.  The dough was put together in a food processor…first time I ever did that!  LOL!  It came out very soft and light, like brioche dough…glad I didn’t have to hand beat that!  After their rise, they formed lovely little rolls that popped up so nice and pretty!  They were so pretty, I gave them not only an egg wash, but a sprinkle of poppy seeds as well.

Timing wasn’t difficult at all.  When the rolls went into the oven, it was time to finish the soup.  The immersion blender gave a rather coarse texture initially.  I wasn’t too sure I cared for that.  I boosted it up to high speed for a few seconds and the texture smoothed measurably.  Another dash on low brought out a nice, thick relatively smooth mushroom soup.  Salads were built in the plates, and soup was ladled over the paper thin slices of vegetables.  What a combination!

Technique & Tasting Notes~
The instructions for this recipe left me scratching my head a little bit in the early stages.  I had so much liquid coming off my mushrooms, and it sounded like the broth was supposed to evaporate…Not at my house!  LOL!  I finally gave up and proceeded because I’d cooked the vegetables and the mushrooms the right amount of time…  It was fine.  The directions about the use of a blender versus using an immersion blender was helpful.  I knew not to expect a smooth soup…unless I wanted to clean another appliance.   I was really surprised at how thick the soup was in the end.  It looked like it would be a brothy mess, but it pureed up beautifully thick and hearty, with an elegant flavor.   Hubby said he wasn’t sure he cared for it at first bite, or second, but by the fifth or sixth he was hooked.  He had two bowls.  I think that pretty much says it.  I’ll save the rolls for a tine when I’m blogging about the Modern Baker book.  That’s another winner!



6 responses

9 01 2011

Love the photo of the salad especially and the rolls look wonderful!

8 01 2011

Super yummy looking photos. Glad it all came together for you after a long day! And you’re right, why rush Friday out the door. Enjoy it as long as you can!!

8 01 2011

Your soup looks good, but those rolls look amazing. Can they rise while you’re at work? My problem with making my own bread is trying to figure out how to time the rising steps with my waking hours at home…

8 01 2011

We are empty-nesters also and boy does that make it easier to get a meal on the table let alone blog it. Enjoyed the post. I’m from Cali too. Nice to meet you. B:)

8 01 2011
Betty @ scrambled hen fruit

Your soup looks great! I know all about those forty-plus work weeks, so a quick easy dinner recipe is a gold mine. Those rolls looks great too! 🙂

8 01 2011

It looks wonderful and lots of tips in there for people making it! I need to get my soups posted…not today probably as swim meet and Colts game tonight, but soon. Interesting that he enjoyed the soup more after the more bites he took, I always think that the first bite is the best in anything, but now that I think on this, I think he is right!!

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