French Fridays with Dorie: Basque Potato Tortilla~

4 02 2011

For the moment, I’m on schedule with French Fridays with Dorie!  That doesn’t happen often, so I’m enjoying it while I can!  The recipe of the week comes from Around my French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  Just buy it.  You deserve it, and you know you want it.  Your family will thank you again and again!

Back to the dish…I cooked my potato mixture in one pan, and switched to a smaller pan for the actual tortilla making.  I reduced the recipe by half…that is, I only put half of the potatoes in the “tortilla”, which looks and cooks strangely like a Frittata, but we won’t tell!  I used half as many eggs as the recipe asked and poured the mixture into a smaller nonstick skillet, generously oiled with a good olive oil.   The edges bubbled up and set quickly, and with an adjustment to the heat, we had controlled cooking to set the remaining tortilla.

At this point we have the set edges, and just a jiggly center…time for the broiler!

I used the advice given about wrapping the handle of the pan with foil…that worked well.  I knew my cast iron skillet was jut too big for this dish halved.   I kept the broiler door open so I could control the contact with the heat.  In retrospect, I should have rotated the tortilla inside the pan so it got toasted all over on top.  Next time.  Because there will be a next time.

I didn’t have any problems with removing the tortilla from the pan.  I had been running the spatula around the edges as instructed, but just before going into the oven, I loosened the tortilla from the bottom too.  By that time the edges were completely set, and lightly browned.  A few minutes under the broiler, and we were ready to plate.

Tasting Notes~
This was easy, a bit time consuming, but not too bad, and it’s a great base to build on.  I was disappointed in the lack of flavor.  I seasoned my eggs with all of the ingredients, I seasoned my potatoes as well.  Still…it lacked a bit of something…umami.   We ate it fresh from the oven for brunch, and enjoyed it, but we were wanting for some other taste that simply wasn’t there.  I know eggs are great when Bruce doesn’t reach for Tabasco sauce.  This had him reaching for the ketchup as well…and me too, I’m almost ashamed to admit!  We both felt a bit of bacon or ham…sausage…something with a more pronounced flavor would be helpful.  Still…we wouldn’t hesitate to fix this again, but as more of a base element rather than the whole rodeo.



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8 02 2011

I also wonder if I had just added more salt from the get-go if it would have worked better for me? Yours looks good anyway!!

6 02 2011

I haven’t made this as it seemed a little bland to me…and why go for a bunch of calories that are just so-so, right? I might make a wee version of this, but not sure…too tempted to put bacon and cheese in it as well and call it a party that has nothing to do with Dorie’s original recipe…lol. Yours does look very delicious to me, however, it looks like you made it perfectly.

5 02 2011
Anne Marie

Next time, I will leave the garlic in.

5 02 2011
Couscous & Consciousness

Interesting your comment about it perhaps lacking a bit of flavour. I did a cooking class in Barcelona last year and we made potato tortilla as part of a four-course meal. Although it this dish on its own doesn’t have a huge amount of flavour, as part of a multi-course meal, or one of a number of tapas (as it might often be served) it is just right. So rather than trying to add extra flavourings to the dish, I would serve it with some more flavourful accompanying dishes.
Sue 🙂

5 02 2011
Can't Believe We Ate...

Thanks Sue! That’s good to know!

4 02 2011

It’s such a pretty yellow. Mine got a little too brown under the broiler, so I will have to try leaving the door open next time. I wonder if the potatoes absorbed most of the seasoning and flavor from the herbs? It looks so good, but the addition of ham or bacon would enhance the flavor, I’m sure.

5 02 2011
Can't Believe We Ate...

The deep yellow comes from my beloved Ladies of the Coop. I have 2 Cuckoo Marans that do a lovely job of keeping us in eggs!

4 02 2011

I love to add a package of Sazon to my tortilla. It has potatoes and eggs, too, but the seasoning gives it a little zip. Yours looks delicious!

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