Five Stars in my eyes…

5 03 2011

I just finished reading Five Star Foodie’s blog, and her review of a 5 star restaurant in New York.  It left me wondering what 5 star restaurants exist in California, and where they are….  I was aware that The French Laundry in Yountville has 5 stars, but surely there is another restaurant or two in the San Francisco area…how many are in the Los Angeles area?  Here’s Forbes’ answer…

California – Laguna Beach:
California – San Diego:
California – San Francisco:
California – Yountville:
Two of these are within driving distance…and would be an incredible overnight escape and treat.  Seriously something to think about…  About the only vice we still have lurking around is our love of food…good food!  It’s certainly something to think about!  While thinking…here are the Michelin 3 star restaurants in Northern California…both nearby….uh oh…
French Laundry, The Wine Country Napa Valley Reserve a table
Restaurant at Meadowood, The (New) Wine Country Napa Valley Reserve a table 


Ok…The French Laundry is on both lists…and the 2nd restaurant is a new addition. Interesting…  Sadly, there’s nothing any closer, but that’s ok.  I still think a night off on an adventure sounds pretty wonderful!  In the meanwhile…back to the kitchen (and the garden!)…



2 responses

28 10 2013
Josh G.

I really like this post because it lets people know all the stellar five star revied restaurants in California. I’ve heard lots about The french Laundry, but i’ve never heard of the others. I think it’s great you’re letting people know about the other fantastic ones.

7 03 2011
5 Star Foodie

Thanks so much for the mention! We have done both of the So Cal restaurants and have yet to visit the SF area ones, hope we will get a chance soon!

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