Destination: Norway

27 03 2011

This month with My Kitchen, My World, we travel to Norway…another of the Scandinavian nations.  I didn’t quite make it to Destination:  Sweden a few months back.  My choice of recipes is more Scandinavian than Norwegian, I’m afraid… It was darn tasty nonetheless!


You now know the extent of my knowledge of Norway…  I think I was having a bit of help from the gnomes while I was preparing my dish… One came out beautifully, the other totally fell apart!   Uff-da!  LOL!

Norwegians depend on the fishing industry for their primary protein…fish.  I’m sure fish (cod, salmon,shrimp…) coming out of the cold North Atlantic waters is fabulous.  I prefer Atlantic fish to most Pacific fish.  The water is colder, and it affects the taste of the fish.  The fish has less “fishy” taste.  As usual, getting decent quality anything sea-worthy is difficult this far in-land.  I can get frozen…but it’s packaged so I can’t see what I’m buying, and I’m touchy about that habit in marketers.  It usually means they wouldn’t want you to see it…  I held off and went with shrimp.

My dish, Scandinavian Open-Face Bay Shrimp Sandwich…is tasty beyond reason.  I wasn’t sure how I’d like dilled-lemon mayonnaise mixed with mustard…but oh!  It was wonderful!  I used medium shrimp, which are very close to the size of the bay shrimp we can get here, and cut them into pieces, 1/2 inch chunks.  Rather than using bread, pumpernickel no less, I had some nice, soft French Rolls that toasted up nicely.  The recipe also called for fresh cucumber slices on the sandwich…I could have sworn I had a cucumber in the fridge!  Instead, since we were already using dill, I added slices of dill pickles in place of the cucumbers.  I’ll remember this recipe in the summer when cukes are plentiful and cold sandwiches taste best!

Tasting Notes~
I wouldn’t hesitate to fix this recipe again.  Like I said…especially in the summer!  Although a little on the sloppy side, this sandwich had a lot of flavor…the mustard melded with the dill and lemon and added just the right amount of pizazz!  We both enjoyed it thoroughly!

Visiting Norway was quite fun!  I spent at least 3 afternoons collecting recipes I’d like to try.  One of the recipes I want to try involves Norwegian pastry and sweets.  It’s cold there…so they work off each and every calorie easily!   Next month we travel to Egypt…

That ought to be interesting!  What I know about Egyptian food you can put into a thimble and still have room for your thumb!  Come back and see what I put together then!



2 responses

2 04 2011

Sandwiches are always a popular thing around here, and I think the guys would like this one. I didn’t get this done this month. I am always hopeful, but more often than not lately I have had to post late. I was going to make a trout recipe then could not get any trout here with heads still on, so sort of just forgot about doing it. Maybe I should do Egypt this week and just get it done and posted!! What a relief that would be!

29 03 2011

I end up collecting recipes when I “visit” these locations. If we could only eat all the food, we want to cook.

I don’t eat shrimp but this makes a luscious dish with lots of appeal.

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