Food ‘n’ Flix: Woman on Top~

10 04 2011

I caught up with Food -n- Flix just as the dishes for this movie went to round up.  I didn’t quite have time to get a dish ready for this, but with all the research I did on Brazilian recipes, I couldn’t let that go to waste!  One of the things I discovered is the broad use of Malagueta  peppers.   The leading character talks about the chili in her various cooking scenes…and encourages her viewers to smell it…

And I will not vouch for the chili pepper the producers chose for the above picture…looks more like a jalapeno gone red to me.  The jalapeno looks much more seductive than the chilies in this jar…

The chilies in this bottle (vinegar) are small…like Thai Bird Chilies.   I will, however, applaud the producers of Woman on Top though, for their ability to convey the sexiness of this chili!  Oh, my gosh!  It has a totally different fragrance from any other pepper I’ve come across.  I’m truly sorry it isn’t available to me fresh.  I’m going to have to see what I can do to fix that!  Yes, it’s a hot chili.  However, the heat mellows and the pepper’s flavor comes out…and it’s incredibly seductive!   I was able to find a great place, on-line, to buy a few ingredients that seemed to me, hard to duplicate…  This is not a paid endorsement, nor have I received any gifts from the company.  They have a nice selection of Latin foods and were really easy to order from.  That’s all.

Woman on Top was an amusing little romp into Brazilian food, music and passion.  Isabella is a gifted chef whose cheating husband drives her away from him, his restaurant, and their country.  Isabella finds her way to San Francisco and a TV cooking gig almost immediately! The Fates are protecting her from her grief… The rest is entertaining…drag queen-BFF, new beau, old husband chasing her down…  However, her food, although incredibly hot, seems to captivate everyone who eats it.  The next thing you know…

I had such a great time checking out Brazilian recipes, that I was inspired to find a Brazilian cookbook.  I’m very pleased with this one so far.  I selected a recipe from Tasting Brazil to try out my “malagueta sauce.”  I was initially frightened by the amount of the vinegar the recipe called for.  Tasting it from the bottle, it has a pretty intense heat…but that aroma and flavor!  I made sure we had some milk to kill the heat if need be, and went for it.  The pepper sauce was so intensely aromatic!  Oh my gosh!   I chose the author’s recommendation for a type of Brazilian salsa to accompany the chicken.  The flavors were very light and fresh and went together well.  In the end, I decided I wanted just a splash of heat in the salsa.  The chicken had mellowed in heat, leaving behind the warmth of the pepper’s flavor.  Winter tomatoes are so flavorless, a little acid zing couldn’t possibly hurt either!  And a splash was all it needed.  Served with roasted corn and a Brazilian rice, we had Coxas Apimentadas (Spicy Thighs, pg. 187) dressed with Molho Campanha (Country Sauce, pg. 91).

Tasting Notes~
We’ve decided we rather like Brazilian food…so far.  A few of the recipes have sounded quite good.  This was very good.  I was amazed that the heat dissipated so much.  I find I really love the flavor of the Malagueta.  I’ll be figuring out a seed source soon.  I need to pick up a few more key ingredients, and I’ll be playing here more…especially in the summer.  Being so close to the equator, it’s rather tropical, and a lot of their food is grilled out of doors.  Fancy that!  *Ü*  I would too!  I know that our summers are hot too, so I can see a lot of the grilled dishes coming up this summer.  Watch for the flag!



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