Bake! Banana Bread~

25 04 2011

I’ve been watching all the lovely things coming out of Kayte’s kitchen for awhile now…enviously, no less!  She’s been baking from one or the other of two of Nick Malgieri’s books, Modern Baker and Bake!  While I’ve purchased both books, I’m going to commit to cooking from Bake!  for now!  I’m a dozen or so recipes behind, but I’ll catch those as I can.  Kayte wondered what my first recipe would be…and I had planned it to be one of the recipes on the list, but several very ripe bananas made the decision for me!  Banana bread!!  I’m sure this recipe will pop up sometime in rotation…and I won’t hesitate to bake another one!  It came out very moist and sweet, and the 5-fingered mouse kept nibbling at it until it was gone… I’m glad I was able to get a picture before it completely vanished!  Now…on to the list!



One response

26 04 2011

That looks gorgeous! I think everyone will be happy to see this arrive when someone picks it. (You could pick it and have the post done already and work on the others if you want!) Don’t worry about catching up…just jump in and Bake! with us. Oh, and Modern Baker is a very loose group, you can just make one or two recipes from a section (sections spread out over 3-4 months) and post and link at the site and we will all come ooh and ahh…no set minimum commitment with that group, just let Phyl know you want to be added to the list and the group email and you are set to bake whatever you want, some bake a lot, some bake hardly at all, but we are happy to see all the posts. Think about it. Right now we are in Sweet Tarts and Pies…good and easy!

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