Bake! Best & Easiest Carrot Cake~

25 04 2011

Easter is a great time for Carrot Cake…and Nick Malgieri’s recipe from Bake! makes a really good carrot cake.  To be utterly fair…it’s still not my favorite recipe though.  My mom made a killer carrot cake, and while this one is really good…it’s not as good as Mom’s was!

Moist and tender…full of juicy carrots and bits of toasted walnuts, this cake couldn’t be easier to put together.  Dry ingredients in one bowl, wet in another, combine…with perfect spices…and frost with cream cheese frosting…what could be better?

Okay, I confess… It was Easter Sunday and I didn’t have any cream cheese in the house.  I thought I did, but I sure didn’t.  What I did have was a fresh quart of whipping cream… We had just had strawberry shortcake, so I knew whipped cream was merely moments away.   That actually made a lighter topping for the cake than the cream cheese icing, and was a little more refreshing.

Our next recipe is for a Strawberry Chantilly Cake…with whipped cream icing…LOL!  I don’t think I’ll trade the icings…  I made a 9 inch square layer and 12 carrot mini-cakes that I froze for those nights when we yearn for something sweet.  I think the Strawberry Chantilly cake will need to be done as a half recipe…there are still only two of us here to eat all these goodies, and I’ve still got a dozen or so to catch up on!




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26 04 2011

That looks wonderful, we really loved this one. Good to know that whipping cream works well also. I made half of the strawberry chantilly cake in 2 6″ pans and it was perfect…you could make a quarter in one of those pans and split that layer in two if you wanted to go even further down for just two people. Happy to have you Bake!-ing with us. Pick a recipe and get back to me as I am working on the next schedule.

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