Bake! Baking Powder Biscuits~

8 05 2011

The second recipe I made from Nick Maglieri’s cookbook, Bake!, was the Buttermilk variation of his Baking Powder Biscuits.  The dough intimidated me right away…it was MUCH more moist than I anticipated.  I decided maybe my flour was more moist than his had been, and added some to at least be able to manage the dough.  It was still very, very moist, but more manageable than batter-like.  I made sure I floured my biscuit cutter well between each cut, and re-rolled my scraps very carefully so they didn’t get tough.

The biscuits bake quickly at a high temp, as most biscuits do.  In just a few minutes we had lovely golden-brown morsels…

Tasting Notes~
Best darn biscuits I can ever remember making.  We usually have one or two biscuits left over…not with these.  Somehow, we managed to eat them all…one way or another!  I had made them for biscuits & gravy with scrambled eggs and ham…they also went very nicely with honey, and homemade jam too.  They even got Jasmine’s 4-paw approval.  I tell you…some times those eyes just won’t leave you alone!

So far, everything I’ve made, albeit only two, actually, by the time I got this post done, I’m up to three…, recipes I’ve made from Bake!, is a winner!



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5 06 2011

These are the ONLY biscuits I have been able to have turn out and we loved them, too…and we are not necessarily biscuit-loving people. Yours look yummy!

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