Thirty Minute Thursdays:Fusilli with Sausage and Zucchini~

14 05 2011

This week finds us with zucchini in the fridge, and some polish sausage that was nice and spicy!  What a great combination!  I used Giuliano Hazan’s basic recipe, but cooked things out of order because the sausage was already fully cooked.  I still used fresh tomatoes for the sauce though.  Everything came together very quickly…the zucchini cooked in the pan with the other veggies and was nice and tender by the time the pasta was ready.  Still in under 3o minutes…gotta love it!  Meat, veggies and pasta, all in one dish.  Wonderful for a working woman who sometimes has to put dinner on the table late in the evening!

Tasting Notes~
This is another keeper…especially when we have zucchini and tomatoes going bonkers in the garden.  I’m sure that will happen sometime…when Mother Nature remembers what season it actually is!  The sauce took on a lot of spiciness from the sausage…kind of like an Arrabiatta sauce.  Yumm!

Look Who’s Cooking~
I’m excited to welcome Andrea from Family & Food & Other Things!  Andrea’s first post is of Pasta e Bisi, or Pea Soup with Pasta.  What a great soup!!  Kayte is quiet this week…I imagine things are really beginning to bustle in the house of Grandma’s Kitchen TableKayte has a college-bound senior getting ready to graduate from high school, with all that means.  She has every reason to be very proud of her son, and I hope she savors every moment as he closes his “High School Years”.  Cooking will wait!  Way to go Matt!!




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5 06 2011

This looks great! I have been silent for a bit, haven’t I, but gearing up again now that I have graduation and that huge party, etc. behind me. Hopefully be back at this week!

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