Hi there…remember me? Wow…

17 07 2011

First, I can hardly believe it’s been 2 months since I posted. Mercy! Just Life being Life and not having enough time to cover every base and recharge between bouts sums up where I’ve been.  I haven’t been active in any cooking groups, even my own…  Which is not to say I haven’t cooked…I certainly have and will make mass presentations shortly.

Second…does anyone have recipes for using up zucchini?  We have 2 plants. That’s all. 2.  I’m really awash in zucchini this year.  Last year…couldn’t get enough to do anything with, and they’d get HUGE…this year they’re perfectly timed to be gorgeous for any application.  So far, we’ve had zucchini pancakes and zucchini latkes…that explains it better than zucchini cakes…which we also had…a chocolate zucchini cake.  We’ve had it grilled and fried and with pasta…  I have plenty…I can afford to mess up a few times!  My tomatoes are looming on the vines in about the same way…big gorgeous suckers this year… I don’t know where we got this seed…could be some we saved…the tomatoes are coming off firm, red, ripe and full of flavor.  *sigh*  Time to pick up some buffalo mozzarella…because of course I have basil right beside those tomatoes!

I’m out of here for the moment, but will be back with some 30 Minute Thursday Round ups!  I just need to do some photo finding!