Food ‘n Flix: Letters to Juliet~

24 07 2011

I was particularly excited to see this selection come up! Letters to Juliet had been on my list of “want to see” for awhile.  A big, “Thank You!” to Kim of Stirring the Pot for being our hostess for Food and Flix and selecting this movie!  She recommended we beg, borrow or buy a copy so we could enjoy the movie of the month, so I took the opportunity to score a copy…I love flicks like this when I’m stuck in bed with some grippe. I can doze in and out of love stories all day! I wasn’t about to snooze through this movie though…  Sophie is an aspiring writer, visiting Verona, Italy with her finace, who is about to launch the restaurant of his dreams…he’s on a research mission, she’s on a romantic pre-wedding vacation in romantic Italy…

I found I could relate to both characters in this movie…it’s something to do with the duality nature of Sagittarians…*giggle*  I could imagine poor Victor’s passion for food, and being on the ground in Italy to go in search of the tastes that will make or break his upcoming restaurant…  And bless Sophie’s heart…to be in Verona and be abandoned by her future husband…  How heart-wrenching!  However, it doesn’t take fledgling writer, Sophie, to find her niche in Verona…at the foot of the Capulet balcony…with Juliet’s Secretaries.

While I loved the movie, I didn’t get a lot of culinary inspiration…except for truffles…and it’s easier to get Hen’s Teeth where I live than Truffles.  Oh well… Back to culinary imaginings!

Since this is a love story…and tomatoes were once known as “love apples…” my offering for this flick is a simple plate of fresh off the vine, sliced tomatoes, dressed with extra virgin olive oil and a chiffonade of just picked basil…

Indeed, passionate love can be found in many venues…  This night it was nothing more complicated than sliced tomatoes, but the sounds emanating from my dinner table could have been mistaken for a different kind of passionate love!  Yes, the tomato was really that red…  I’m not sure what variety this tomato is because I believe this was seed saved from last year’s heirloom tomatoes.  I had been out picking mint leaves for another recipe when I spied about 6 really red tomatoes…this is the one that fell off into my hand…as if to invite itself to our table.  Thanks Mother Nature!

And our heroine…Sophie?  Now…what fun would it be if I spoiled the end!  Watch the movie and Sophie’s quest to find true love…for someone else…

I hope you’ll consider joining us for the month of August too… I have the honor and delight of being August’s hostess, and we’ll be watching “Fried Green Tomatoes”!  More on that real soon!



3 responses

1 08 2011
Heather @girlichef

Such a beautiful choice for this film…it’s all about the inspiration and what you draw from watching it. I’m looking forward to next month 😀

25 07 2011

I too loved the movie but like you am having trouble drawing inspiration from it. Your gorgeous sliced tomatoes and basil look stunning in the photo. Thanks so much for your submission. I’m really looking forward to watching Fried Green Tomatoes again. I just love that movie!

24 07 2011

I loved the movie as well, but there was not a lot of food featured…besides that one stew that the mother made and Sophie didn’t stay to eat. I might have made something with cheese and wine as I didn’t see much else! I love your choice…those look so delicious!

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