Food ‘n Flix: Fried Green Tomatoes Round up!

3 09 2011

The Food ‘n Flix movie for the month of August has been Fried Green Tomatoes, adapted from the book Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistlestop Cafe by Fannie Flagg.  More of a chick-flick than a foodie flick (however food is the ribbon that ties everything together), Fried Green  Tomatoes is a reflection on 20th century Old South values and lifestyles, challenges and triumphs, and how lessons of the past can shape the present.  I offered to hostess this flick because it’s one of my favorites, and I had a feeling I’d have an abundance of green tomatoes by August! LOL!  Ok…maybe a little selfish on my part, but I’d prefer to call it excellent planning! *Ü*  Now, let’s see what’s in the Round up!

Heather our founder, from girlichef, chose Fried Green Tomatoes with Carolina style pulled pork as her submission.  Fried Green Tomatoes is one of those flix that Heather enjoys pulling out now and then… “Listening to old Ninny Threadgood’s lively stories of Idgie and Ruth’s adventures as she relates them to Evelyn never fails to make me want to go barefoot, charm bees, and eat some good Southern food.  Some days, I just need to yell…. TOWANDA!”  Heather has shared her source for breading for the fried green tomatoes and the recipe for the pulled pork with us…can’t wait to try her pulled pork recipe!  Thanks so much Heather!

Next, we’re off to Hawaii to visit with Deb of Kahakai Kitchen.  Deb had a little trouble finding green tomatoes where she is (how I wish I could have shared! LOL!), so she subbed a southern favorite, okra, in place of tomatoes.  Deb’s post and her Fried Okra Strips in Lime-Thyme Vinaigrette with and Celeriac dipping sauce look fabulous!  I’ve already tried the recipe for this breading, and it really is fabulous!  Unfortunately, Deb wasn’t as pleased with the okra… “still a bit too much of a slimy texture for me. That being said–the coating is tasty and cooked in the Lime-Thyme (excellent pairing of flavors by the way) Vinaigrette, the okra had lots of flavor. The Creamy Celeriac Sauce was also full of flavor and the leftovers will soon grace a piece of fish. So, I would make all three recipes again–vinaigrette, coating and sauce–I’ll just use them on something other than okra (green tomatoes, green beans, asparagus?). Fun to try cooking some new things and although I didn’t see any okra in the movie, a sufficiently Southern dish to represent. 😉 ”  I used the breading on chicken tidbits and onion rings…wished I’d had zucchini to try…and but for the hour, would have slipped out to the garden to try the breading on green tomatoes!  Excellent share Deb!  Thanks so much!!

Presenting a lovely plate of Fried Green Tomatoes with Homemade Garlic-Basil Mayonnaise is Kim from Stirring the Pot.   Kim says, “These Italian-seasoned fried green tomatoes were perfect on their own, but were absolutely phenomenal once dipped in the homemade garlic-basil mayonnaise.  My Mom and I ate all ten slices with wild abandon.  After stuffing ourselves with fried green tomatoes we made a plan to stay out of the backyard.  It could be dangerous to the waistline.”  I can believe that looking at her basket of treats!

Rounding up the month are my fried green tomatoes paired with steak and eggs for a weekend brunch.  I used the recipe from Fannie Flagg’s book…it was good, but very plain.  Nothing more than seasoned tomatoes (salt & pepper), and a flour-cornmeal dusting, these have a very light crust.  We found that serving them with the recommended lemon wedge was helpful, because there just wasn’t a lot of flavor otherwise.  Fried Green Tomatoes may be one of my all-time favorite movies, but it’s going to be some before I develop a “hankering” for fried green tomatoes!  LOL!  I did have some pleasant memories of my Mom fixing these for my dad and herself when I was a kid.  Usually, during the summer, someone she knew had tomatoes growing and would gift her a couple green ones, just for this purpose!  Maybe it’s like okra…you have to develop a taste for them?

Thanks so much to all the participants this month!  I know it was busy… I had to go back to work early in August, and my days and nights have been plenty full as well.  It was a challenge to fit everything in!  I appreciate those of you who were able to participate and I love the array of fried green foods we have!  Now, I’ve got to go shopping for a pork shoulder to make pulled pork from…see ya later!

Oh…don’t forget to check out the September flick, Just Desserts, being hosted by Life in the slow lane at Squirrel Head Manor!

What a fun round-up this has been!




6 responses

6 09 2011

Thanks for the great movie pick this month and for the round up.

After seeing the delicious tomatoes everyone made, I am still going to find some green tomatoes of my own, and will use the coating from the okra. (So glad you liked it too–Bryant Terry is amazing).

3 09 2011

Great roundup! I love fried green tomatoes. Before you give up on Fannie’s recipe, try the one that uses batter instead of breading. It’s in the original Whistlestop Cookbook, and it’s a favorite around here.

4 09 2011
Can't Believe We Ate...

If you have a batter recipe…I’m game! I still have plenty of tomatoes that are GREEN!

3 09 2011

Fried Green Tomatoes was my favorite pick yet for Food ‘n Flix. It’s such a great movie and I could literally inhale all those fried green goodies in this roundup! Thanks so much for hosting.

3 09 2011
Heather @girlichef

Short, but sweet…everything looks mouthwatering. I want a big heaping plate of everything. Thanks so much for hosting this month, Glennis…and for the great flick pick! 😀

3 09 2011

I was going to make a pie for this round of Food n Flix, but life got the best of me and I didn’t have time 😦

All those fried green tomatoes look delicious though!

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