Food-n-Flix: Because I Said So…~

27 07 2012

This month at Food ‘n’ Flix we are watching Because I Said So, hostessed by girlichef.  What a fun movie! Although, I think the “only child” syndrome that made me shake my head at some of the mother-daughter-sister antics.  It’s really hard to relate!  I simply cannot imagine my mother asking me what an orgasm feels like…’nuff said on that subject!  LOL!

Without regard to my birth order dilemma, or any other dilemmas, this really was a fun flick!  What was I inspired to make??  A multi-tiered polka dot cake!  Fortunately, my senses came back from vacation before I got the pans greased and ready.

Because I Said So is the story of a single mother who has reared her 3 lovely daughters to adulthood, and has 2/3 of them happily married off.  Daphne Wilder, played by Diane Keaton, is the matriarch of  “The Wilder Women” and Millie, played by Mandy Moore, is the remaining, unmarried daughter.  Daphne finally succumbs to her meddlesome ways and runs a secret (from Millie) and lengthy “Man Wanted” ad…for her daughter, Millie.  Daphne interviews the prospective suitors, and settles on reasonably handsome, reasonably well-to-do, rather controlling, but up and coming young architect…

meanwhile, the guitarist at the lounge where all these interviews are taking place takes an interest in the parade of eligible bachelors wandering through the lounge and decides to see the “prize” with his own eyes.

Millie suddenly finds herself sought after by two gentlemen, when before there had been none.  Enchanted by their individual endearing charms, she gets caught up in simultaneous relationships.  Eventually, the truth comes out…Daphne’s meddling, Millie having two relationships, Millie discovering she has real feelings for Johnny, the musician.  And, then…there’s Daphne…

This is undoubtedly a chick flick, with plenty of sexual innuendo, double entendre and not so thinly disguised adult material.  Seriously, it’s a girls’ night crack up.  I’m good with a thumbs-up for Because I Said So…  I watched it twice and enjoyed it more the second time around!

The only thing left is what was I really inspired to cook…  There were a lot of allusions to food, but we didn’t see much aside from cakes…(and what cakes they were!)…a sheet of freshly baked cookies and chocolate souffle…oh, and pasta.  Almost forgot the pasta!   Although Millie is a wedding caterer (“Good Enuf to Eat” is her company), we see or hear little actual reference to food.  Notable exceptions are “Pasta Toss” and “Chocolate Souffle”…  Had we watched this movie in a different month, I might have jumped on the idea of chocolate souffles…  I still like the idea of it, and may edit this post someday, but for now…I’m on vacation for  few more days, I’m too lazy (*Ü*), and it’s really been too hot to have the oven on…so I settled for Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond’s recipe, Baked Fudge.

The Pioneer Woman’s Baked Fudge

I’m not EVEN going to try to describe this decadent dessert better than PW does…she’s the Queen!  I will say that this is incredibly easy to toss together and it will cook up in about 40 minutes.  Can you smell that?  Oh. My. Goodness.  And it goes well with vanilla ice cream…darn. I just happen to have vanilla ice cream…

Rich. Fudgie decadence.  A dessert a woman was meant to love.  I’ve got to tweak this with chocolate varieties.  I made this with dutch process high fat cocoa.  It’s what I had on hand.  I also have some bittersweet chocolate in there and some dark chocolate…  Oh, I’m going to hate to have to repeat this recipe…jk!

Next month, I hope you join me here at Can’t Believe We Ate where we’ll be hosting the next movie, The Help.  I’m really excited about the opportunities for inspiration from this movie…  See you there!




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29 07 2012

I need to check out this movie!! Sounds fun and funny. Thanks. You know me and chocolate…not so much, but Mark would like it!

27 07 2012

Oh, I’d gladly sit down with the whole pan of this, a few cocktails, and some girlfriends to watch this fun flick again! I’m happy that you were able to join in this month…and that you enjoyed this goofy chick-flick, too. 😉 Looking forward to The Help and your hosting next month!

27 07 2012

What a great inspiration from the film—but really, when is baked fudge not a good idea! 🙂 I, alas, did not like the film as much as you. 😦 Daphne got on my last nerve. I am looking forward to The Help to and can’t wait to rewatch it. Am posting my FnF post soon.

28 07 2012
Can't Believe We Ate...

*giggle* It took me twice… The first time I was so banged around by my “only childness” that I was too hard on it. The second time was more fun, actually funny… And you’re right…even having the oven on was worth it!

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