IHCC: Beach Bum a la Bayless~

17 08 2012

It’s been pretty hot this week.  The 5:00 p.m. temperature has been around 100° all week.  At least that’s what my car registered.  Not when I get in…when I get in it’s been registering 109°…I said it’s been hot! LOL!  So…what do you need when it’s hot like this?  You need refreshment.  Enter Rick Bayless and his Fresh Melon Cooler.  And please…bring on that BEACH!!

My selection for IHCC’s Beach Bum recipe collection is Rick Bayless’ Fresh Melon Cooler.  This time.  I admit to reading through every margarita recipe with an element of desire, but I also know that tequila and a beach only go together well for a very limited period of time…thus, the melon cooler.  I know…my age is showing…it has been all week! Oh well…on with our recipe!

The recipe is quite simple…melon, water, sugar, a squeeze of lime…mint or lemon balm are nice touches to add to the mix.  I added mint to my blender.  We found this thirst quenching, and a nice beverage for our supper.  The touch of mint made it just a tad more cooling.  The recipe came from Frontera’s web page, and he has a Fresh Limeade recipe as well…I have a quantity of limes…I think that’s coming up next.  I’ll let you know how that one goes!  Until then, I can’t wait to see what else shows up to the Round-up.  I wish I would have had the time to do ceviche…  I know, ceviche takes precious little time to put together.  The time factor would have been attempting to find ceviche quality scallops!  One of my absolutely favorite hot-weather meals is ceviche!!