IHCC: Going RED with Rick Bayless-Salsa and Pork with Potato Taco Filling~

7 09 2012

My selection for IHCC’sEsta Rojo” theme of the week is Rick Bayless’ Essential Chopped Tomato-Serrano Salsa .  Mine was made with jalapenos, rather than serranos as I wanted a nice chile flavor, but not as much heat.  My jalapenos are “gringo” perfect…lots of fruity chile taste without quite as much fire.   We have salsa, but we need something to put it on…must be time for tacos!

This tasty little concoction is Guajillo Spiked Pork and Potato Tacos filling.  Well…almost.  Last week I made the Shredded Beef Soft Tacos from Rick and Lanie’s Excellent Kitchen Adventures.  I had quite a bit of liquid left, and it smelled too wonderful to do anything other than save for something special…I was thinking soup…  However, it looked perfect for the half recipe of pork and potatoes I was putting together, so I went with what I had.  I had used guajillo peppers in my shredded beef, so we were still right on track.

Mmmm…. A little cheese, a few hot tortillas, a swipe of crema, fresh salsa…it’s hard to eat better than this.  It says the recipe is better a day or so later… I’ll have to get back to you on that!  I can say that we didn’t notice the potato wasn’t a piece of the meat, as it absorbed a lot of the flavor…even though I used russet potatoes rather than red potatoes.



5 responses

9 09 2012

How could there be any leftovers to find out if it’s better the next day? Looks too good!

8 09 2012
kitchen flavours

I can finish that! Looks simply too good to resist! I don’t think that I can wait for the next day to find out if it tastes better!

8 09 2012

I’ve been eyeing up that pork and potato taco filling. It looks like such a flavorful filling! I can almost never find serranos anywhere so I always sub jalapenos.

8 09 2012

Oh my word that looks beautiful! You really know how to put things together. Did you see that Madhur Jaffrey is up next at IHCC? Yahoo…Indian food and I’m in. I ordered one of her cookbooks and am going to be ready to go. Will you be cooking with IHCC with the MJ Chef choice?

8 09 2012

Alas, too spicy and I can’t eat it but this looks very good to me. I like how the flavors absorbed together, sorta like pan bagnat does, and I am sure it made for an excellent meal.

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