I♥CC: Welcome Madhur Jaffrey!-“Indian-style” Scrambled Eggs~

30 09 2012

I am an Indian Cuisine novice.  A newborn.  Somewhat nervous about the new world I’m about to embark on.  I’ve never tasted official “Indian Cuisine.”  Most of the seasonings are familiar either on their own, or in other combinations, with a few exceptions…cardamom is new to me, as is fennugreek.  I’m not used to combining cinnamon and cloves in my savory dishes…nor am I used to such spiciness… But…I know how to add the heat factor slowly up to the recommendation in the recipe.  So, I’m game.  I♥CC has voted to cook with Madhur Jaffrey for the next 6 month term.   I’m doing the “I-think-I-can” chant in my head, but…I’m GAME!

I selected “Indian-Style Scrambled Eggs”  from the cookbook above as my first recipe.  The recipe is on page 64.  Ms. Jaffrey recommends doing the mise en place first…because once you get started, it goes pretty fast.  And she’s right.  The eggs go together VERY quickly!  Start the toast before the eggs…  You are merely moments from this stage…

…and this stage, about midway through the process.  You just want a nice, soft curd…scrambled eggs continue to cook for about a minute after they come off the stove if they aren’t immediately removed from the pan.  I turned the eggs just a bit more before I added the tomato and cilantro (coriander leaf).  These are flavors I’m familiar with. I’ve eaten the combination before in Mexican food.  This was a good choice.

I did make one ingredient change… When I got ready to cook, I realized I didn’t have any mushrooms on hand.  So, I thought about what I did have that would add bulk without a lot of flavor…that would take on the other flavors…that had a bit of moisture without becoming soggy…and I settled on a baby zucchini.

This got a thumbs up from both of us.  We found the cumin (which we like to start with) was quite interesting…  I’m getting braver now.  I’ve even selected a couple recipes to work on in the weeks to come.  In the meanwhile, these eggs are going to have to make another appearance with some kind of Indian bread… Mmmmmm!



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7 10 2012

I’m right there with ya. I’ve never had Indian food before, much less made it myself. I opted for a Korean dish this time around (mainly because my family is more used to those flavors). Will be fun to venture outside of my comfort zone in the months to come.

I think this scrambled egg dish is a really good introduction. Will have to give these a try as they do look delicious.

6 10 2012
Couscous & Consciousness

Welcome to the world of Indian cooking – so pleased that you’re going to step out of your comfort zone & give it a try. The scrambled eggs was a good starting point. Hope you enjoy more of Madhur’s dishes in the weeks ahead.

5 10 2012

You will love her recipes. They are always a hit here. I actually have this one marked to make so am glad to hear it is tasty.

5 10 2012
Natashya (@kitchenpuppies)

A great way to jump in to Indian cooking! So happy you are opening up to a new cuisine. Mexican was very foreign to me as a Canadian, but I’m used to Indian.

4 10 2012

This looks really yummy, Glennis! I’ve got this book, but have hardly ever looked at it for some reason. That will change in the next month’s, I’m sure.
You’ll love cardamom. It goes amazingly well with pears. I’m just getting ready to use some very soft pears to make some pear butter that will include cardamom. (I discovered cardamom in sweets by accident once, when I was making raisin bread, reached for cinnamon, picked up cardamom, and didn’t notice till I’d already measured it into the bowl. I removed what I could, but the bread was actually better than ever with the cardamom!)

3 10 2012
kitchen flavours

Your eggs looks good! I can imagine these with your toasts! Glad to hear that you are taking the “plunge” with unfamiliar zone, and from the looks of it, you would have no problem! Looking forward to six months of delicious cooking with MJ!

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