I♥CC-MJ-Food to Warm You Up-Tamarind Fish~

22 12 2012

100WeeknightCurriesThe theme of the week in the land of IHCC is “Food to warm you…”   That could be interpreted a couple of ways, and both were acknowledged in our invitation.  Hmmm….heart warming, soul warming, or spicy-warming?  I went with easy and spicy this week.  I really wanted to do something that cooked low and slow, but that’s difficult to do when you aren’t here.  Quick, spicy-warm and…oh my.  I found fresh fish.  It’s time to do any of the recipes that use fish!!  My recipe selection, Tamarind Fish is found on page 103 of Madhur Jaffrey’s book, 100 Weeknight Curries.

MJ-TamarindFish-cbwa1The fish, cod is recommended, however I used Rockfish -wild caught.  The fillets are rubbed with turmeric and salt and left for a few minutes before cooking over medium heat until golden.  Remove from the pan and set aside.

MJ-TamarindFish-cbwa2Prepare the Tamarind sauce and let it cook down to a thick syrupy consistency.  You’ll start to see the bottom of the pan as it gets really thick.

MJ-TamarindFish-cbwa3Add the fish fillets back to the pan with the sauce, heating briefly, turning once, then basting with the tamarind sauce as the fish finishes.  Plate and serve.

MJ-TamarindFish-cbwa4This is pretty tasty.  My hubby commented on the sweet-sour play in the sauce.  A bright yellow rice would have been pretty with this.  We were deep into the week by the time I got to cook… I know.   Any other time I’d mumble about always deciding what’s eaten here…but not this week.  Birthday dinner out on Monday, Tuesday MAJOR grocery shopping, Wednesday-dinner with friends, Thursday-Cook’s Choice!  Whew!!  We decided an artichoke was going to be plenty with the fish.  I found myself thinking of “corrections” I’d make.  I should cut the cayenne just a little bit.  For once Bruce was okay with the heat, but it was a bit more than I was comfortable with.  Hmmm.

Come on back next week… The theme is “Red and Green.”  Interesting…!

Oh… To my grammatically correct friends…I know.  *Ü*


I♥CC: Rice is Nice – Aromatic Yellow Rice~

15 12 2012

IndianCooking_lgI’ve missed a few weeks, but am able to get back to some planned cooking again this week.  I♥CC continues to celebrate Madhur Jaffrey, and our theme this week is “Rice is Nice.”  It’s time to choose one of those recipes I’m not sure if I’ll be comfortable with…  I selected Jaffrey’s Aromatic Yellow Rice from her Indian Cookingbook.


The first step was rinsing the rice, soaking it briefly and adding in the aromatics…and the yellow of course!  This recipe called for tumeric, whole cloves, bay leaves and a cinnamon stick.  Fiddle.  I was out of stick cinnamon, so rather than use powdered, I opted to throw in several cardamom pods.  The two spices are similar, and it worked fine.  I chose to serve this with a shrimp recipe I’m going to be quiet about, but it was really good!!


The rice is most definitely YELLOW!! The rice was also definitely aromatic.  We were both surprised that the rice had little flavor for all the aroma and color.   Hubby didn’t care overly much for the rice, but ate it nonetheless.  He expected more flavor.  I’ll try the recipe again with some spicy dal, and I’ll bet it will go fine.  That’s what this is all about anyway.  Getting us to stretch our minds and palates…try new things, and see where they fit best for each of us.  We knew going into this that we’d be skeptical!  LOL!  Still…I haven’t found a total wash-out recipe yet!

Come back and join us next week when we spice it up a notch with “Foods to Warm you Up.”  That could be anything from a spicy soup, to something roasted and hearth-warming.  Let’s see what the group comes up with!