I♥CC: Jaffrey-style Appetizers-Quick Fried Shrimp~

5 01 2013

The start-of-the-year theme at I ♥ Cooking Clubs is Appetizers.   What an appropriate theme!  Much as we start a meal, we will start our year with a tidbit that will make you want more…need more… My selection in this quest is found in Madhur Jaffrey’s Indian Cooking, page 187: Quick Fried Shrimp.


These are evil, addictive little creatures.  They were a little too easy to put together as well.  I put my flour and spices in a small brown paper bag and cooked batches of 4 shrimp at a time in my little wok.   The seasoned flour makes the most delicate crust on the shrimp that is simply wonderful!

These turned out to be the star of the night when we did “Rice is Nice.”  Neither of us were particularly hungry, and I “needed” to cook rice…but with what?  So we had the shrimp with the rice, and edamame on the side.  This was also about mid-early December after some busy times.  That’s okay. I could eat these lil suckers just about anytime.  I’m thinking they need to be paired with a nice little steak.  Next time.

Our next theme is Potluck…we get to choose any Madhur Jaffrey recipe we wish.  That leaves quite a wide playing field!  Drop by I♥CC and check out what the group is doing… I’ve found some incredibly awesome recipes that way!




3 responses

6 01 2013

Shrimp is my weakness. I cannot practice moderation at all when it comes to shrimp. I just eat them all 🙂 The light breading looks perfect on these. Delicious!

6 01 2013
kitchen flavours

Oh my! I love shrimps! I could finish a whole plate of shrimps if no one’s looking! This sure fits my plate perfectly! Yum!

6 01 2013
Couscous & Consciousness

Love the look of these shrimp – I’d love to try these for a quick and easy meal.

Happy New Year to you, Glennis

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