Food -n- Flix Round-Up: Practical Magic~

30 04 2013


April’s Flick is Practical Magic, a story of two sisters, and two other sisters, and two other sisters… There are a number of little plot twists… Sally, played by Sandra Bullock is the older, more stable sister…who falls in love, has babies and ignores as myth the legend of Owens women being cursed about love.  Should they fall in love with a man, he will die.  Sally and Gillian (portrayed by Kidman) grow up with their maiden aunts because the curse came to their mother…her beloved husband died, and their mother then died of a broken heart.  Sally and Gillian are very close, and when either of them is in dire need of the other, there shall they be.  Our flick winds through various emotional highs and lows of the sisters’ love lives, and what happens when things get a little out of hand.


Our first recipe comes from Elizabeth of The Law Student’s Cookbook who made Blood Orange Margaritas
to commemorate the famous “Midnight Margarita” scene depicted above, where the sisters and the aunts succumb to the spell of a bottle of tequila and indulge in margaritas.  I love to start a Mexican supper with a margarita, and I’ll bet a blood orange margarita is simply wonderful!


Girlichef, Heather, brought margaritas too…I’m tellin’ ya…that tequila makes quite an impression in this movie!  Oh, but not just any margaritas…these are highly witchy and sophisticated margaritas, flavored with berries and herbs…rosemary to be precise.  Midnight Margaritas (with a side of remembrance)  Hmmm…we’ll want another round of these to go with our desserts tonight… Yes, indeed.

Midnight Margaritas 3-girlichef

Wait, wait…we have more margaritas!  Anne-Marie at This Mama Cooks! On a Diet was in the mood for margaritas too!  Anne-Marie combined tequila with gluten free beer to make her Practical Magic Midnight Peach and Cherry Beer Margaritas, and they look stunning!


Next, we heard from Caroline of Caroline Makes who made Lime and Coconut Chicken…  Those of you who are familiar with the “Midnight Margarita” scene know the connection here…in case you aren’t familiar with the movie, Caroline explains it this way…”The sisters and their aunts are drinking and getting merry on tequila and end up dancing around the kitchen singing a song called “Coconut”, with a particularly catchy line that goes “put the lime in the coconut”.”  Caroline’s recipe takes us for a walk on the Thai side.  A very nice interlude.  I can’t wait to try this recipe!

caroline-lime coco chicken

Before we indulge in our incredible desserts, we’ll stop off in my kitchen at Can’t Believe We Ate… where the tequila was flowing as well!!  I poured mine into a marinade for “Practically Magic” Beef Fajitas.  This recipe takes longer to explain than to create!


Over at Eliot’s Eats , Debra made her “go to” Coconut-Pecan Brownies  to honor the family’s unusual tradition of chocolate cake for breakfast…something Bullock’s character, Sally, abhors.  Sally doesn’t want to be different…she longs for traditional White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant values and lifestyle.  Silly Sally…  Let’s just say it’s never quite going to work out that way!  Debra, my hubby looked over my shoulder while I was at your site, and purred over these brownies!  I guess I’ll be making these too!  Works for me!


Over in the Pacific, Deb at Kahakai Kitchen is also making chocolate cake…once again, not just any chocolate cake but an In this house we have chocolate cake for breakfast“-Single Girl Melty Chocolate Cake… Oh my.  We’re big on being “jolly” this month…ignoring bedtimes and teeth brushing…dancing ’round the table at midnight…  That’s okay… I understand there’s a little “witch” in all of us!  Regardless,  I’d happily have this cake at breakfast, lunch or dinner!  It looks marvelous!  I can’t wait to try this one either!!


Practical Magic is a movie full of love and plot twists.  It’s hard to explain and not give the plot lines away.  With so many twists, there are story lines, and sub-story lines.  It’s almost two complete movies in one!  If you haven’t watched this movie, perhaps some of our dishes will intrigue you to try the movie…and some of these incredible dishes!


If you’d like to join in on the fun, visit Food n’ Flix and look for the announcement of the next movie, which is “Delicatessen.”  You’ll find a link on the Food n’ Flix page that make it easy.  Watch the movie, cook what the movie inspires to you cook, then post it on your blog before the deadline and let the hostess know.  And don’t be shy about being a hostess either!  It’s a super easy job!  LOL!  Meanwhile, thanks for stopping by and checking out this month’s inspirations!




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6 02 2017
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1 05 2013
girlichef (@girlichef)

Yay – so many beautifully inspired dishes! I want a Midnight Margarita party that includes every single one. Thanks for hosting this month, Glennis…and for such a fun pick 🙂

1 05 2013

Thanks for hosting and posting a great roundup. I am surprised that someone didn’t try to make chocolate cake with tequila icing or some other witchy combo?

2 05 2013
Can't Believe We Ate...

Oooh!! What about chocolate cake with a “Tequila Rose” sauce…
Hmmm!! What a great idea!!

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