Food Matters: 7 Day Green Juice Challenge-Day 1~

1 05 2013

I’ve juiced off and on for the past 10 years.  I’ve grown my own wheatgrass and other sprouts.  I’ve juiced just about everything I’ve eaten, with only a few exceptions.  Asparagus or artichokes in particular.  Carrot, beet and apple makes a lovely sunset colored drink that is heavenly.  Use the beet root raw, well scrubbed, with a couple carrots and an apple…  Quick, easy, healthy.  Add a bit of sparkling water to dilute if it’s too rich, or just to add some fizz!  My favorite juice of all is…  Oh, sorry.  We’re talking about the 7 Day Green Juice Challenge


Food Matters has been promoting a 7 day Green Juice Challenge.  Click on the picture above to go to their site and download the 7 suggested recipes they offered, if you want to see what I mean.  My “Spiritual Advisor” put out a challenge to her friends inviting us to participate.  I’ve been wanting to get the juicer back out, and this was the nudge I needed.  I joined up, and I’m hoping some of my friends are doing this too!


I was planning to use their recommendations day by day throughout the week, but I didn’t get to the market.  So, I reviewed the recipes and kind of went my own way based on their recommendations and combinations.  The juice above is made of Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard, Ruby Chard, Lemon balm, two varieties of snow peas, and deer tongue lettuce – all GMO free and organic, picked fresh from the garden, mixed with a big bunch of parsley and 2 apples (cored and seeded but not peeled-well scrubbed).  The nasturtium garnish is also edible and organic.

How did it taste?  It was very nice…slightly sweet, a gentle lemon flavor without the sourness, with an underlying “green” taste (the chlorophyll in the parsley).  I didn’t adjust for personal taste, we didn’t mind it at all.   A bit of fresh lemon or a knob of fresh ginger would offset that so that you’d never taste it.


Above are the remnants from my juicing.  I have an Omega “masticating” juicer, which works at a very low speed which doesn’t heat the juice, and yet it gets about 95% of the liquid out of the foods.  It’s capable of juicing grass, greens (lettuce, chard, beet), fruits and nuts.  It can also extrude pasta and make nut butter.  For the heck of it, I’ve done everything with this juicer that it will do…stick to juicing.  *Ü*  It can and will, but that doesn’t mean it should!  This tiny bit of a foot print vanishes because it will either go to the compost pile, or to the chickens, who in turn give us eggs, baby chicks and fertilizer.  Wow…what a deal!!

What?  Oh…my favorite juice is watermelon….  Absolutely heavenly!



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