Food Matters: Green Juice Challenge-Day 2~

2 05 2013

I went shopping, and I’m back on schedule.  Today, I made the Day 2 recommended juice:

Crisp and Clean Green Juice
Serves 1
1 large wedge green cabbage
1 green apple
1 large bunchromaine lettuce leaves
1” ginger root
Other optional greens: spinach, kale (I added 5 kale leaves for part of the romaine), chard and dandelion.

-Adapted from Joe Cross


This is tonight’s cast of characters…I exchanged some of the romaine with kale.  I know what romaine tastes like…I had never knowingly ingested kale before today.  There’s not a lot of prep for juicing… wash well, chop into hunks that will feed through the tube (about 1 inch), and go for it.

In this picture you can see the machine in action….at least as much action as a still shot can imply.   Where the juicer is transparent brown, you can see green and silver inside.  The silver is the strainer that presses the majority of the juice from the pulp.  Where you see green, that’s the power of the juicer.  It’s a screw driven mechanism, also known as a worm drive.  The pieces of food get caught in the threads and they’re pressed up against the strainer forcing the juice and the solids to part company.   Whenever possible, I juice the entire fruit or veggie, unless there are harmful properties in them.  For instance, we don’t eat tomato or potato leaves, so don’t juice them.  I don’t peel apples or carrots, but I’ll scrub them with a safe soap (think Dr. Bronner’s) and a brush.  I cut the rinds from melons…except watermelon.  Another scrubbing candidate.  *Ü*   I cut greens into strips that will feed easily, and some leaves feed themselves fairly well due to their stalks.


This was tonight’s Crisp and Clean Green Juice.  It was fine.  It wouldn’t be my favorite, but there’s nothing wrong with it.  I put a bit too much ginger in, and it was a bit on the spicy side.  Odd that my co-worker and I were talking today about being careful not to put too much ginger in.  Uh…yeah.  One less coin would have been better.  It was fine…I’d drink it again, but I wouldn’t necessarily choose to make this particular juice often.

Tomorrow we have Boost Juice:

Boost Juice
1/4 medium pineapple
1 small handful alfalfa sprouts
1 small handful parsley
2 large kale leaves
1 large broccoli stem
1 oz shot of wheatgrass juice or 1 teaspoon of wheatgrass powder (optional)
– Adapted from Jason Vale

I have everything except pineapple.  There wasn’t a ripe pineapple to be had.  I can get to a different market tomorrow to see if they have a better specimen.   I even have the wheatgrass to juice first!  Tomorrow is another day…and it’s Friday.  Maybe the Pineapple Fairy will smile on me tomorrow!





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