Food Matters: Green Juice Challenge-Day 4~

4 05 2013

I almost forgot to take pictures tonight! LOL! I put the juice in the freezer to chill while I finished the prep for supper. I was on my way to the table when I remembered I hadn’t taken a picture of the juice or the ingredients!

Our juice of the day is from their Day 6, Food Matters Extreme Green Juice.

Food Matters
Extreme Green Juice
Serves 1

• 5 florets of broccoli
• 1-2 celery stems
• 1 small bunch parsley
• 1 green apple
From Food Matters the Recipe Book

The 5 florets was a bit of an odd measurement…I decided an entire head was good for 2 of us.  I was afraid the large quantity of parsley might be a bit overwhelming too, but it was really very good.  Bruce immediately pronounced it a keeper.





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