Food Matters: Green Juice Challenge-Day 5~

5 05 2013

It’s Day 5, and I’m actually making the Day 5 recommendation – Make Juice Not War Green Drink:

Make Juice Not War Green Drink
Serves 1
• 1 small cucumber
• 1 large kale leaf
• 1 large handful of sprouts (sprouts to try – sweet pea, alfalfa, broccoli, sunflower etc)
• 1 celery stem
• 1 large broccoli stem
• 1/2 pear or green apple (optional)
Other optional greens: romaine, parsley, spinach and dandelion.
Adapted from Kris Carr


Each night, I’ve doubled the ingredients so I have 2 servings.


I made a fun discovery while trying to get the sprouts in the feeder tube…they go in quite easily if you roll the kale leaves around them…


I almost got carried away with the alfalfa sprouts because I was having so much fun!


Moments later we have a bright green juice with minimal sweetness.  This was good, but a little more apple wouldn’t hurt!  I’d like to try it with other sprouts.  I’ll work on that!




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