Food Matters: Green Juice Challenge-Day 7 on Day 9~

9 05 2013

I’m sorry!  I had a couple of challenging days, days I should have juiced REGARDLESS!!  *Ü*  Sometimes my little tiny kitchen is just too small for everything I have going on.  Aside from that….we juiced 7 days with no problems!!  Today’s juice was the Boost Juice from Day 3.  I finally found a pineapple…and after a few extra days on the counter it was golden and ripe.  Juice time!

Boost Juice
Serves 1
• 1/4 medium pineapple
• 1 small handful alfalfa sprouts
• 1 small handful parsley
• 2 large kale leaves
• 1 large broccoli stem
• 1 oz shot of wheatgrass juice or 1 teaspoon of
wheatgrass powder (optional)
Adapted from Jason Vale

When I did my initial shopping for the GJC, I bought a “punnet” of live wheatgrass and let it double in height.  Tonight, I had almost enough for two 1 ounce shots.  It is what it is!  The best news is that our new wheatgrass growing kit arrived on Tuesday!  I love the kits that has…  Their soil gives the wheat grass a really nice flavor, and the minerals help boost the nutritional value.  I’ve purchased wheatgrass shots from various places, and I’ve bought wheatgrass to juice, but nothing compares to these kits!  Our first new tray of seeds has soaked and is in the initial stages of sprouting.  I hope my body can keep up with the energy!!


Wheatgrass can be messy!  LOL!  I noticed the leaves were a little anemic in the center of the pot.  It was planted very thickly, so the center-most section didn’t see enough light to make chlorophyll.  It made for a tasty little juice, regardless.  Bruce commented that he really liked the way he felt immediately following drinking Boost.

Although the 7 days have come to a close, I feel we’ll continue juicing at least several days a week.  We still have one recipe to try, and we will.  Could be as soon as tomorrow… Tomorrow I might treat us to Watermelon Juice… Seriously yummy.




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