Eating with Ellie: Shotgun Wedding Soup

28 01 2015

This post will prove beyond all doubt…I am not a photographer!  I don’t have the right setting to try to make my pictures perfect, and I really don’t have the time to get crazy about that.  It’s cook and take some snapshots, or well…nevermind.  I’ll cook and we’ll leave it at that!  Having said that….trying to get a decent shot was the hardest aspect of this dish!!Featured image

I made the full recipe of Ellie Krieger’s Shotgun Wedding Soup…I wish I knew why!  It was way too much for just the two of us.  I thought maybe that there was only 8 cups of broth would make the batch on the smallish side…but I neglected to take into consideration 1/2 pound of meat and eggs…and some cheese…and a lot of baby spinach.  I’d been warned a half batch as a lot…silly me.  That’s okay…. I love this kind of dish for lunch.  Or a small serving with something else for dinner…there’s an idea!!


Again…this Weeknight Wonder recipe went together super fast.  It had a nice flavor and a wonderful aroma.  I just couldn’t get a good picture without the flash dancing off the little bit of oil that came to the top of the bowl.  So…you don’t really get to see just how pretty it was…the delicate yellow against the emerald green of the spinach.  I’m sorry.  It really was pretty.  You’ll have to trust me on that part.  Margaret made a great selection!

I followed the recipe almost to the letter…I wasn’t absolutely strict about measurements.  I decided my eggs weren’t quite large enough…or I was a little heavy handed with the parsley…or maybe the parmesan…so I added a small egg and then it looked fluid enough.  I found my mouth wanted some kind of Italian seasoning though.  I’m not sure if I wanted a bit of oregano in the broth or in the meat.  But…messing with the meat might change the delicate texture.  I’ll have to play with a much smaller batch to see what I think in the end!  We had the soup with a big side salad, but a side of pasta would be pretty yummy too.

Next week we have Peggy’s choice… Penne with Grape Tomatoes, Spinach, and Toasted Garlic.   And I have the whole week with only one job.  Time for catch-up cooking!!



5 responses

19 03 2015

Oh, Yeah, Italian seasoning would be good in this. Good Idea, Glennis.
Some dishes just are not photogenic no matter how hard you try. But it’s the taste that counts, Right?

29 01 2015

Oh, your photos are just fine…it’s more about the food than the photos anyway. We just like to see what everyone makes and if it looks like ours so we figure we probably “did it right.” lol I really liked the soup for its fresh cleaning eating aspects, one feels good about eating this, no guilt for a lot of fat and calories…that alone means I will make it again when I feel I need to tighten the calorie count a bit. I think you could make it more flavorful by adding other herbs/spices and not affect that clean eating feel but give it some more punch…I would try that, Italian flavors you suggest would be great…probably because it does take like Italian Wedding Soup!

29 01 2015

Sometimes “healthy” is not the most flavorful. But I thought it was a pretty soup that came together so quickly and fun to make. Yours looks delicious. I did half mine and I am glad I did.

29 01 2015

I would prefer meatballs to the chopped meat in this one but we did enjoy it.

28 01 2015

I’m with you – a little more oomph would have been good.

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